While 1,400 wildfires burn in California, firefighters are there. They are not banning together for an anti-litter campaign at this time; they are not joining together to make quilts for the underprivileged: they are putting out fires.

In the cultural war, there are wildfires burning in many places, but we need to be there with the hoses where the fire burns the hottest. Martin Luther said it this way:

Though we be active in the battle, if we are not fighting where the battle is the hottest, we are traitors to the cause.

With that in mind, I believe there are four major brushfires that are burning the hottest that demand our attention right now.

  1. California: The tyrannical judicial redefinition of marriage. Four judges overruled more than 4 million California voters and imposed their radical homosexual agenda attacking marriage.
  2. Colorado: S.B. 200 – the Bible Ban & Bathroom Bill – has criminalized free speech that disagrees with the homosexual agenda and the redefinition of marriage with a one-year jail sentence. It also lets men in dresses into your Colorado daughter’s locker room.
  3. Sen. John McCain has not yet chosen a running mate. I believe this decision will not only signal what kind of president he will be, what kind of judges we can expect, but also whether or not he will win.
  4. Sen. Barack Obama must be exposed.


  1. Just as firemen are traveling to the dangerous fires that rage in the Golden State, we must rush to protect marriage as it goes to the ballot there in November and defend it on the ballot in states like Florida. Make the most generous donation you possibly can at www.protectmarriage.com, and if marriage isn’t on your ballot, consider flying out to help put out the fire that attacks the foundation of our civilization.
  2. I will be at a press conference this morning along with Colorado pastors and state and national leaders to communicate the criminalization of Christianity that S.B. 200 makes state law starting today. Liberty Council is leading the challenge against this assault that you can find out about in my column from last week. I will be handing out my book, “The Criminalization of Christianity: Read it before it becomes illegal,” in direct violation of this new law. Pray for this challenge and for every action being taken to stop this assault on our freedom or next week I may be writing from jail.
  3. Sen. John McCain has some important decisions to make and none more important than who will be his running mate. Here’s an action step that I think will help influence him. I suggest you send him a check for one dollar with a message in the memo section that promises “more to come” when he picks a strong, consistent, pro-life conservative – someone like Mike Huckabee would be great – think of it as a “buck for Huck” that the McCain fundraisers can’t miss. The address is:

    John McCain 2008
    P.O. Box 16118
    Arlington, VA 22215

  4. And finally, we must get the word out about what an Obama administration would mean for our country. One of the best ways I’ve seen is the new Nobama Girl video on YouTube. Have you seen it? The “Nobama Girl” music video released last week has already been called “the best video on YouTube,” by viewers.

    I agree.

    The Nobama Girl, Jannique Stewart, provides an answer to the Obama Girl’s “crush,” with a call to “crush” Obama’s campaign with the truth.

    “Many Americans are buying empty rhetoric of ‘change,’ without knowing the horrific policies behind that change that their vote would establish,” said Stewart in a recent press release. “This video is intended to bring the hidden things to light.”

    It exposes the facts of Obama’s policies of:

    • abortion on demand and infanticide
    • his “respect” and support of the California Supreme Court decision to abolish marriage between one man and one woman
    • amnesty
    • gun control
    • support for “hate crime” legislation that would criminalize Christian and pro-family views

    Unlike the sleazy counterpart, the Nobama Girl video is one the whole family can watch and become informed. I give it two thumbs up. Rarely is exposing the evil positions of a candidate this much fun.

While brushfires are raging in our nation and our cultural war, we must ban together to fight where the battle is the hottest: California, Colorado, McCain’s running mate and exposing Obama appalling positions. If we don’t, as Luther said, we are traitors to the cause.

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