Recently, we were reminded of Barak Obama’s words from a year ago where he stated that America is no longer a Christian nation. His assertion was that America is also a Hindu nation, a Buddhist nation, a Muslim nation, and (although he didn’t put it into these exact terms) an atheist nation. (Could we include everyone and be a UFO nation as well? Cool.) BHO sounded like Gerald Ford in the infamous debate response where he claimed that the Eastern Bloc countries were actually independent and autonomous. The difference is that Ford realized he blew it. BHO does not. So let me ask a question of BHO and all others aboard the American Polytheist Express:

What is a Christian nation?

As we spin the globes on our desks, we see the nations of the world all in different colors with their geo-political boundaries drawn according to the moment the globe was designed and manufactured. With a little study, we can identify characteristics about those countries and even add some data not expressed on the surface of the sphere itself, such as “Oh, looky – there’s Iran. It’s a Muslim nation.” Other comments might include (but not be limited to):

“I see Syria. It’s a Muslim nation, too.”

“And over here is Jordan, another Muslim nation.”

“Look at this big country here. That’s Saudi Arabia. They, too, are a Muslim nation.”

“Hey, there’s Iraq! It’s STILL a Muslim nation.”

“Look at big ol’ China … they’re godless Commies.”

And the granddaddy of them all: “There’s Israel – the home of the Jews.”

Pretty easy, huh? I’ll bet that if you wanted to, you could point to just about any country whose name ends in stan and guess that it is a Muslim nation. How do we know? We read National Geographic and go to Social Studies classes and watch the news and Google “Muslim nations” and all kinds of crazy American things. But where do you suppose we point to on this planet to find the Christian nations? Some may include Great Britain or Canada. And let’s not forget about the Latin nations where Catholicism is predominant (like everywhere from Mexico to the bottom tip of South America).

And here’s a shocker: I would be willing to lay a quarter down that most folks with an inkling of education would point right down here to the U.S. as well. So, in order to answer the question “What is a Christian nation?” we can ask, “What is a Muslim nation?” Answers itself, doesn’t it? But for those who need a little more to go on, let me use the words of the Man from where we get the actual name Christian – Christ. Jesus said to Peter: “If you love me, feed my sheep.” Also, He assured us that we have, in fact, served Him whenever we fed, clothed, healed and visited even the least of His. May I ask what nation has done more of that than any other on the face of the earth? Anyone? Bueller?

Not that BHO was coming close to turning his statement into a sermon, but how easily it becomes a lesson to all of us who know and still believe that America is a Christian nation. Not Christian because we’re perfect … Christian because we have sought to do the work of the One who makes us perfect. We fail. We fall down. Winston Churchill said, “The Americans will always do the right thing – after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

There was once a popular saying that asked, “If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” What a terrific gauge for us to use as Americans! Perhaps, in BHO’s eyes, there isn’t enough evidence anymore. Perhaps he only sees a war, high gas and food prices, and foreclosure signs. But I see a people being liberated and their nation rebuilt with one hand, while our soldiers’ other hand fights off people who want to kill them because they are from a Christian nation. I see the demand for more energy and more food caused by emerging nations with a growing middle class and disposable income all made possible by years of arduous labor to feed, clothe, heal and visit them by the hands of a Christian nation. I see the results of envy where people bought too much house and greed where lenders took advantage of some of them. (Yes, we fail. We fall down.)

But who will come to pick us up?

Where was all the international relief during Katrina, Rita or any other of the devastating hurricanes this nation has weathered? Where was the global response when our farmers and their crops (that help to feed the world) were drowning in the recent floods? What country’s firefighters and equipment are helping to put out the fires in the blazing state of California? Where are the blue helmets of the U.N. to help us secure and maintain our southern border as millions swarm into our country? Where does your finger point to on the globe to identify the other Christian nations who come to feed, clothe, heal or visit? Where?

Sen. Obama, if America is no longer a Christian nation, then who is?

Reid Mullins

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