I’ll just bet this is something you won’t see anywhere else in the media.

It’s a column by the editor, publisher and chief executive officer of a news company calling for a consumer boycott of McDonald’s because of the fast-food chain’s promotion of the radical homosexual agenda including same-sex marriage.

Why won’t you see it anywhere else?

You won’t see it anywhere else for two reasons:

  • The corporate establishment press, from which I emerged more than a decade ago, largely supports the same radical political and social agenda;
  • And because McDonald’s advertising dollars are coveted by news companies throughout the U.S. and around the world.

So why am I different? Why doesn’t WND have the same concerns and fear of loss as the rest of the media crowd?

I am different because I believe in absolute standards of right and wrong as enumerated in the Bible. I am not embarrassed to say it. I believe it is the only moral standard that can bring happiness in this world and the next. And the Bible is unequivocal about homosexuality and the definition of marriage.

I will never compromise and say wrong is right or right is wrong – not knowingly, no way.

Furthermore, I no more want McDonald’s advertising in WND during this boycott than I would solicit advertising from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Don’t want it. Don’t need it.

That’s my personal stand on this boycott called for by the American Family Association. I believe it is the right thing to do. And I am personally asking you to join me and the AFA and millions of other Americans who believe as we do to drop McDonald’s from our consideration of fast-food outlets for as long as this boycott lasts.

My guess is it will last a very long time – years. That assessment is based on the intractability of the statements offered up by McDonald’s corporate leadership. These guys are going to need to feel real pain to change their way of thinking. They believe they are doing good by promoting the radical homosexual agenda and same-sex marriage. And they likely believe they are catering to a prosperous and growing market of homosexuals in the process.

All the current corporate executives and board members may need to be forced out of power by angry shareholders before McDonald’s changes its tune.

But how much of a sacrifice is it for me to ask you to avoid McDonald’s until further notice?

Is it really much to ask?

Is McDonald’s that irresistible?

Is the food that good?

Are there not enough fast-food choices where you live?

Do you really need fast food at all?

I know boycotts alone won’t solve all the problems we have in America with a decaying culture and declining moral standards. But I believe occasionally boycotts are the only responsible thing to do in the face of arrogant corporate insults to our intelligence and our most sacred beliefs.

That’s where we are with McDonald’s today.

McDonald’s rakes in billions of dollars selling food that is of questionable nutritional value. Now it is determined to take its profits into the active support of a radical social cause supported by no more than a tiny minority of political extremists. Not to put too fine a point on it, but neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton supported same-sex marriage in their campaigns for the presidency. That puts McDonald’s to the fringe left of the two front-running candidates for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Is that the political movement you want to support with your hamburger money?

I don’t.

So I urge you to join the boycott.

Avoid McDonald’s like the plague. Don’t go back until there is unconditional surrender by the McDonald’s corporation. Demand total capitulation. McDonald’s needs to stop funding abomination and start funding family values before I consider taking another bite of a Big Mac.

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