On May 29, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter signed Colorado Senate Bill 200 into law. The event took place late in the afternoon, with some speculating that the governor – a media maven who often marks such occasions with the fanfare of attendant press conferences and the like – did so in a deliberate effort to miss press deadlines. The bill, “Concerning the Expansion of Prohibitions Against Discrimination, and Making an Appropriation Therefor” included provisions prohibiting housing discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Why the objection? For the same reason conservative observers (including the Colorado-based organization Focus on the Family) have voiced alarm at passage of the bill, which was penned by members of the Democrat-controlled state senate: “Sexual orientation” was described in the broadest and most nebulous terms, as was the prohibition against discrimination in the area of “public services.”

The result? In Colorado, cross-dressers and people with, shall we say, idiosyncratic concepts of sexual orientation and expression are now free to cross gender lines in their use of public facilities such as restrooms. A male pervert or child predator can no longer be arrested for using the ladies’ room, as he may claim to be a woman trapped in a man’s body when confronted by law enforcement.

An unintended consequence? Hardly. The far left – elements of which were behind the Colorado bill – has shown time and again that they are at least sympathetic to (if not supportive of) deviance despite its effect on the majority population. In fact, it isn’t deviance at all.

The big picture? Based upon their actions, it has become apparent that the far left in America very confidently anticipates a victory for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. There are more than a dozen examples your humble columnist might offer besides Colorado SB 200; however, space and sensibility suggest limiting these.

As the Democrat nomination began to appear as a lock for Sen. Obama, calls for banning talk radio (specifically, the conservative variety thereof) began making their rounds of the establishment press. These, of course, were all floated by far-left operatives. This, in a country in which so-called progressives have no hesitation as regards demanding that their views be given “equal time” in the media (as preposterous as this may sound) despite lack of a market demand for same.

We should own the [oil] refineries. Then we can control how much gets out into the market.

– Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y.

This liberal will be about socializing … uh, um … would be about, basically taking over, and the government running all of your [oil] companies.

– Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.

These statements possess a nightmarish quality that is positively Dickensian, unless one embraces the idea that a sociopolitical system which has proven itself a horrendous failure will somehow meet with success when it supplants capitalism and our republic.

The government’s banning talk radio or seizing oil refineries would be blatantly communistic maneuvers, yet the only protestations are coming from a relative handful of commentators and bloggers. Even Americans who bristle at rising gasoline prices must realize that the first would open the door to appropriation of whatever the federal government deemed suitable for such action, and the second would allow for the silencing of any party or parties whose speech the government found disagreeable.

Lest I wax melodramatic: These examples suggest a certainty born of a great and frightening power.

Another curious case in point that bespeaks the aforementioned “frightening power:” The conspicuous absence of such individuals as the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and filmmaker Michael Moore. The latter, one of the most vocal political activists of the last 10 years, has indeed been active, but media coverage of his actions has been incidental rather than coordinated.

In the case of Jackson and Sharpton, who are legendary for their assiduous insinuation into anything remotely relating to the politics of race, have all but avoided the press during Obama’s campaign and in the wake of his nomination. The mind boggles at the nature of that which might motivate these two race-baiting, corporate blackmailing media princes to shut up. Is it possible that they and Moore have received marching orders from Dr. No (this being billionaire financier George Soros, aka “The Slav,” aka “The Currency Killer”), whose interests have contributed substantially to Obama’s quest to occupy the Oval Office?

Other recent indications of the far left anticipating their wholesale takeover of our government abound, from a politically active hippie cult’s attack on federal officers to a gay man’s lawsuit against the publishers of religious literature.

Big Brother is watching and he likes what he sees
A world for the taking, when he’s ready to squeeze

– Kansas, “Sparks of the Tempest,” from the album “Point of Know Return,” 1977.

Indeed. Verily …

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