He’s going to get 90 percent of the black vote no matter what he says.

– Commentator Bill O’Reilly, July 15, 2008

When I first saw Barack Obama on television, he had just been elected the junior senator from Illinois. I recall thinking that it would be a relief when that novelty wore off: Another far-left black Democrat with a “funny name” (as Obama himself put it when he warned Americans off of anticipated attempts by the GOP to instill fear of him in voters). What else is new? Kwesi Mfume. Barack Obama. Obi-wan Kenobi. Gimme a break …

I changed the channel.

If the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee will indeed get 90 percent of the black vote no matter what he says, does that mean that a substantial segment of those voters are racist? This question has been posed before, but is largely rhetorical. If that great a number of a given race will support a candidate of their race even if he’s Attila the Ripper, then by definition, their decision to do so is racist.

Now, this is not (in theory) the same kind of racism that advocates persecution of other races; it is the sort that feels more comfortable with and trusting of members of one’s own ethnic group. It is impractical and dangerous; given human nature, this prejudice leaves one vulnerable to capricious and untrustworthy members of said ethnic group in addition to breeding disharmony with other ethnic groups. Unchecked, it can lead to more serious and antisocial manifestations.

Back to Obama. On the flip side, for whatever reasons – be they shrewd campaign managers, the tacit support of the press, misguided ideals or plain old gullibility – millions of whites will also cast a vote for Obama in November just because he’s black. Some may believe in him, and others think it’s “about time” America had a black president, political alignment be damned.

What’s more disheartening than so many Americans being prepared to vote for this nebbish because they feel it would be cool to have a black president is the subtle change (no pun intended) in cultural tone that has taken place as Obama has progressed toward his objective. The change, this columnist asserts, lends credence to the theory that the candidate’s appeal for prospective voters lies in psychologically unhealthy and politically imprudent beliefs and premises.

Case in point: On July 11 in Chicago, comedian Bernie Mac was heckled and chastised at a fundraiser for Obama after performing the same sort of act he’s been doing for years. No Obama jokes, but the tight-sphinctered far-left audience took exception to Mac’s humor as it related to women and to the trademark vulgarity of his act.

This may seem like a small thing, but it is very, very telling vis-à-vis the pretense of the far left and the Orwellian newspeak and repression of speech that we must expect more of as the far left’s power in America continues to coalesce.

As reported by the Associated Press, Obama was compelled to come onstage and calm the audience. “We can’t afford to be divided by race,” he said. “We can’t afford to be divided by region or by class and we can’t afford to be divided by gender, which by the way, that means, Bernie, you’ve got to clean up your act next time.”

Unbelievable. Though politicians and their exploits have been accepted fodder for humorists since there have been politicians, comedian Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” also had a similar anxious moment with his studio audience recently after delivering an innocuous Obama joke. “It’s OK to laugh,” he admonished the tense, squirming crowd.

Apparently not, it would seem. With the advent of Barack Obama, the walking-on-eggshells comportment liberals, both white and black, have promoted since the 1970s (which has come to be known as the oxymoron of “political correctness”) regarding blacks has bloomed like toadstools after a heavy spring rain.

As a kid growing up in the 1960s in New York, my experience was that everyone was conscious of ethnicity. Despite this, ethnic jokes were accepted among friends, as were ethnic slurs. The concept that one couldn’t joke about such things was considered absurd. Even as young people, we were quite in touch with the cultural idiosyncrasies of our varied ethnic groups, some of which could be pretty inane. We played off of ethnic stereotypes with relish. What mattered was that in a fight, we were there for one another. When the bigots within our own ethnic groups disparaged us for fraternizing with wops, polacks, micks, spics or coons, we told them to go to hell.

No more. Whereas Jesse Jackson expressed a desire to castrate Obama, the candidate figuratively did the same thing to another black man (Bernie Mac, who was ostensibly there to help him) – for cracking jokes. Nice guy.

The quintessential political prostitute, Obama marches to the tune of the far left fundraising machine put together by a kitchen cabinet (that includes billionaire financier George Soros); he is interested in the greater glory of Barack Obama – period. While his evil-eyed wife, Michelle, may have visions of crushing “white America” underfoot, it is likely that Obama is far more color-blind in this regard. Like most of the black activists this columnist has criticized, “black America” exists for his benefit, and crushing underfoot knows no race.

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