What are the chances you will ever be attacked by armed assailants in a situation in which no one else can help you and your only chance for survival rests in using your own loaded firearm?

The chances are increasing all the time.

In fact, a good friend of mine just experienced this very thing – for the second time in his life!

His name is Charl van Wyk – and I have written about him before.

Charl, a South African, is one of my heroes.

His first experience came in 1993 when he was attending a church service one Sunday evening. The church was invaded that night by heavily armed terrorists who threw grenades, fired automatic weapons and began killing as many Christians as they could.

But the terrorists weren’t counting on any of those Christians being armed. Charl van Wyk may have been outgunned, but he did have his .38 special with him that evening.

He crouched down behind a pew and took aim. As soon as the terrorists realized someone was shooting back, they began to flee.

Van Wyk cautiously pursued them, wounding at least two terrorists as they withdrew from their target.

Only later did van Wyk and authorities in South Africa learn that the terrorists plan that day was to massacre every man, woman and child in that church – maybe a thousand people!

As it was, 11 churchgoers were killed and 59 wounded.

That was the St. James Church Massacre – one of the worst terrorist attacks of its time. But it was considerably less bloody as a result of the actions of Charl van Wyk.

The missionary wrote of his experience in the book “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense,” first published in South Africa and later in North America by WND Books. But the book is more than a recounting of van Wyk’s extraordinary experience. It is also the most exhaustive biblical apologia for armed self-defense. I later produced a DVD documentary based on the book.

Maybe it’s time for a sequel.

Because earlier this month, Charl van Wyk was attacked, again, by armed assailants who attempted to hijack his vehicle.

Once again, van Wyk was prepared. When the opportunity availed itself, the missionary fired on the attackers and drove them away.

Lightning does indeed strike.

Sometimes, it even strikes twice.

Could it happen to you?

None of us expects the worst, but most responsible people prepare for it. We buy homeowners insurance. We buy life insurance. We lock our doors. We install security systems. We store some food and water. We have backup generators. We pray for God’s tender mercies.

But, in some situations, none of these preparations will help you.

When faced with a gun-wielding assailant, the key to your deadbolt is not going to save you.

It is at that moment your own loaded firearm may be the key to seeing the next sunrise.

Learn from Charl van Wyk. It has happened to him twice. His story is inspirational. If you’re not sure God wants you to be armed, I urge you to read his book and see his film.

After that, I believe your next step will be obvious to you.

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