Editor’s note: Aug. 1 represents the 20th anniversary of the debut of Rush Limbaugh’s national radio show. WND has asked some of his colleagues and some of America’s most popular pundits to tell us what they think of the role he has played in American politics and media. Read all of this week’s tributes.

Rush Limbaugh must be Jewish; otherwise how could it happen that he is making $400 million dollars and we are writing this column for nothing?

He’s been doing his gig for 20 years, and, back then, when we were all 20 years old, he recognized that there was a void in the media for many people who were not of the liberal persuasion. At this time, the only thing a conservative could do was write to his congressman and complain. The letter usually came back either marked “postage due” or “deceased.” First, the liberals wanted a chicken in every pot, then they wanted the pot, then they wanted the government to pay for their chickens, then if they got sick from the chickens, they wanted the government to pay for the doctors, and if they were so sick they couldn’t work, the government should simply pay them. How was this all going to be paid for? Simple: Tax the rich. And they kept taxing the rich until most other people didn’t have to pay any taxes. And if that weren’t enough, they then wanted a rebate for the taxes they didn’t pay.

The only voice heard in this odious intellectual wasteland was the voice of conservative radio started by Rush Limbaugh. Newspaper pieces could be edited; magazine articles could be bought or not bought, but once someone is on the air and the word is said, there is nothing that could be done to undo it. Ask Don Imus.

It is true Rush had some problems over the years – he smoked cigars when everybody else was throwing them away since the wrappers said they would definitely drop dead by next Thursday if they walked into the same room as a cigar, and he had a hearing problem, which was cured. This was a major mistake since not hearing most of the stuff that was said was an asset, not a hindrance. But at any rate, he’s in the saddle (better make sure it’s a big, strong horse) for another 20 years, and we wish him well. If he could send us a couple of dollars or a few shirts, we’d like him even better.

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