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McDonald's profits help fund naked homosex-fest

Protesters as a McDonald’s in Del Paso, Calif.

McDonald’s, home of the Big Mac and Happy Meals, has sponsored a homosexual festival featuring public nudity for both men and women, according to the American Family Association.

The AFA is ramping up the pressure on McDonald’s for its decision to fully promote the homosexual lifestyle and condemn people who object on moral and religious grounds as haters.

In a new alert to its millions of supporters, the AFA  confirmed McDonald’s was a sponsor of the 2007 San Francisco “Gay” Pride parade with a television commercial.

“In the ad, a McDonald’s official (Darwin Choy) brags that it is ‘a company that actively demonstrates its commitment to the gay and lesbian community,'” the AFA said.

The organization captured the commercial from YouTube and posted it on its own server at BoycottMcDonalds.com, officials said.

It originally was posted on YouTube by a McDonald’s employee, the group said. “After AFA exposed it, it was removed by the McDonald’s employee,” the alert said.

The parade itself was broadcast on San Francisco Channel KORN-TV, and the AFA has posted photographs documenting the explicit nudity.

WND is not reproducing any of the photographs after the AFA alerted viewers to its own site in huge red lettering:

“WARNING: The images below contain male full-frontal nudity. Please be aware and exercise caution before viewing these images. If you are under 18, please leave this page!”

“McDonald’s says they ‘stand by and support our people to live and work in a society free of discrimination and harassment,'” the AFA said. However, “Here is what they won’t tell you. McDonald’s helped sponsor the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.”

The American Family Association asked McDonald’s to remain neutral in the culture war. The company refused, “stating they will continue to support the gay agenda including same-sex marriage,” the AFA said.

McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman even told the Washington Post people, including Christians, who oppose homosexual marriage are motivated by “hate.”

“The boycott is not about hiring homosexuals or how homosexual employees are treated. It is about McDonald’s choosing to put the full resources of their corporation behind promoting the homosexual agenda,” AFA said.

The issue erupted after McDonald’s paid $20,000 and installed one of its executives on the board of the National “Gay” and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

The AFA now is asking consumers to sign a boycott petition and contact their local restaurant managers to raise objections over the company’s activism.

Meanwhile, efforts by a local California organization to stage picketing in front of McDonald’s restaurants until their managers agree to forward the group’s concerns to the corporation headquarters are expanding.

Officials with SaveBiblicalMarriage.org have been staging protests in California and so far have obtained commitments from three of the five franchise owners/managers they’ve approached to forward their objections to the corporate office.

“We have gotten good responses from some other Christians about spreading the boycott-picketing of McDonald’s elsewhere,” spokesman Yuriy Popko told WND.

He said he received an e-mail from a former McDonald’s patron in Iowa.

“Can you please tell me if there are churches or Christian groups in the Des Moines area who are currently involved with this boycott,” said the writer.

On the AFA’s comment forum for boycott participants, literally hundreds of families have promised to stop making purchases at the stores.

“America is tired of corporations and organizations twisting the free speech and actions of its citizens into ‘hatred’ when we simply oppose the corporation’s, or organization’s, involvement in areas where we don’t want our money going,” wrote one participant. “Don’t expect any more of my money.”

“McDonald’s is a thing of the past for me,” said another.

“We love your fries, but we will not compromise truth. You have taken money that our family, and millions of others, have contributed to the success of the McDonald’s Corp. and chosen to use it for an agenda that defies the foundation of our nation, the family, as created by a man and woman,” said a third.

“I will take [my] 10 great grand children to Wendy’s, Burger King or some other place. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN!” said one.

“Yes Wendy’s, I will have a Frosty with that,” said another.

“Consider my family’s patronage ‘McGone,'” said one.

“This is not about HATE, McDonalds, but about good people opposed to a lifestyle we believe is immoral,” said another.

“I have been a McDonald’s customer since your burgers cost 15 cents! Since you have decided to advocate and support the destruction of traditional marriage, and, by extension, the family, I will no longer patronize your stores.”

“I don’t buy any more from you, neither will my friends here in my nation, Uruguay!” added an international consumer.

McDonald’s officials have continued to decline to respond to WND requests for comment.

But other Christians and organizations also are objecting to the McDonald’s activism.

Mathew Staver, chief of Liberty Counsel, said the corporation should focus on quality food and safety issues instead of attacking values held by most people in the world.

“Marriage between a man and a woman is the norm throughout the world. McDonalds’ personal attack against those who support the traditional definition of marriage, while siding with a narrow group that promotes a radical redefinition, shows that company executives are out to lunch. McDonalds might as well change their signs to read ‘billions and billions insulted,'” he said.

AFA Chairman Don Wildmon said, “It’s a shame that McDonald’s would tarnish their family-friendly image. But the company has ramped up its support of the gay agenda and it leaves us no option but to call for a boycott.”

Note: Concerned individuals may e-mail McDonald’s corporate headquarters or call 1-800-244-6227.