Residents of one Denver suburb are being told by city officials they have only 72 hours to clean pet poop from their own yards or face fines of up to $999.

“That is crazy,” David Van Valkenberg told the Denver Post. “Give it twice that long and maybe it might be appropriate.”

Deputy Englewood City Manager Mike Flaherty said the law comes as part of a broad update of the city’s code concerning pets. He assured residents it doesn’t mean police officers will be dispatched to patrol the back alleys.

But he said if there is a complaint about pet droppings, “It gives us another tool.”

The Post report said no other area city gives pet owners such a specific time frame.

Englewood resident Karen Ramsey, who spoke to newspaper reporters while walking her dog, called the new law “unfair” and expressed hope city officials will use good judgment when enforcing it.

“I pick it up once a week when I am doing my yard work,” Ramsey said. “I would see (the logic) if it was in the front yard.”

Flaherty emphasized the sanitation goals of the law, but he admitted it could be hard to document the time some droppings have been around.

“In the winter, it’s even harder to tell because in two hours, it’s going to be frozen,” he told the newspaper.



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