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Lawmakers give communists 'unfettered' access to schools

Activist communists who advocate the “elimination” of the system of capitalism and who blame problems ranging from “homophobia” to “sexism” on the free market system soon will have unfettered rights to California’s public schools and facilities unless Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger stops a plan already approved by the legislature.

SB 1322, a proposal by state Sen. Alan Lowenthal, was approved by lawmakers and forwarded to Schwarzenegger for his signature or veto, officials with the pro-family Capital Resource Institute said today.

“Passage of SB 1322 comes just as three Americans were arrested and aggressively removed from Tiananmen Square by communist police for peacefully protesting their opposition to China’s brutal violation of human rights,” the family group said. “The peaceful activists capitalized on international media coverage of the Beijing Olympics to draw attention to China’s human rights abuses, including forced abortions and sterilizations, religious persecution of its citizens, and the denial of fundamental civil liberties.”

Officials said the bill “will banish from current law the ability of schools to fire teachers for being communists. It will also allow communists to use public school property for their meetings.”

“During floor debate on the bill Monday afternoon, minority Republican lawmakers attempted to at least insert language banning terrorists from teaching in schools or using government property as they conspire against innocent American citizens. The amendments to SB 1322 were voted down by the majority Democrats,” the group said.

“As parents prepare to send their children back to school, they should call the governor to veto SB 1322,” encouraged Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource. “Every parent should have the assurance that their child will not be exposed communist brainwashing in their classroom. In addition to approving such brainwashing, Democrat lawmakers also decided that children’s safety is not as important as their radical political agenda. They rejected their chance to protect students from terrorists infiltrating their schools.”

According to current postings on the website for the Communist Party USA, racism, sexism and male supremacy, national chauvinism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and anti-communism all can be blamed on capitalism.

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who led his nation through decades of communism

“The problems of exploitation, oppression, and survival facing humankind can only be solved, ultimately, by the elimination of the exploitative system of capitalism,” the organization states. “Our survival depends on a transformation to socialism. The U.S. working class, with a long revolutionary history and many powerful mass movements and organizations, has the potential to make this transition happen.”

Capital Resource said promoters of the bill said communism is a “failed ideology” that no longer is a threat to the U.S.

“But simply visiting the Communist Party USA website shows that communists have no desire to support our government and still embrace radical beliefs,” CRI said.

“A quote from the website states: ‘The Beijing Olympics represent a vision of the kind of future for which the Communist Party USA strives: a world where people from hundreds of countries come together peacefully to enjoy a common cause,'” CRI said.

“Apparently communists believe that silencing peaceful protesters and dragging them to jail is part of coming together ‘peacefully,'” said Meredith Turney, CRI’s legislative liaison.

“We strongly urge Gov. Schwarzenegger to veto SB 1322,” Turney said. “Americans look to Gov. Schwarzenegger to continue the legacy of fellow California Gov. Ronald Reagan in standing against the continuing evil of communism.”

The Gun Owners of America said Democrats “who now want communists to start teaching your kids
demonstrated amazing chutzpah.”

“They praised Ronald Reagan for winning the
Cold War and argued that ‘it is now time to move on’ and let these
anti-freedom Marxists teach in our schools. Wow! Aren’t these Democrats
the same people who wanted to coddle the Soviets and who opposed Reagan’s
military build-up every step of the way? Now they are praising Reagan, but
all in an effort to immobilize us,” the group said in a statement.

“Never mind the fact that communism is still alive in countries like Cuba and
China … not to mention our own country. The Revolutionary Communist Party
of the USA still calls for ‘mass armed insurrections’ which
will lead to a civil war ‘to finally and completely defeat the old ruling
class,” the GOA said.

CRI noted Reagan’s comment about communism: “How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how to you tell an anti-communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin,” he once said.

As WND reported, the majority Democrats killed two amendments that would crack down on terrorists.

The amendments from Assemblymen Martin Garrick and Chuck DeVore, England said, “would have required any person or organization seeking use of public school property to sign a ‘statement of information’ declaring they do not advocate the overthrow of our government and are not part of an extremist terror network. Also, any school employee discovered to be part of an extremist terror network could be fired.”

CRI’s Turney said, “It really is shocking that at a time when America is still subject to attacks from radical terrorists and communist governments still terrorize their citizens, California Democrats won’t stand up for us. We have brave soldiers putting their lives on the line every day to defend us from such tyranny, but Democrats will not cast a simple vote to do the same here in California. Democrats are quick to side with the latest political cause championing the rights of the oppressed. With their votes today, Democrats have missed their opportunity to make a statement denouncing oppressive Communist governments responsible for the misery and suffering of so many worldwide.”

SB 1322 comes is sponsored by state Sen. Alan Lowenthal, a Democrat elected from the state’s 27th District, including the towns of Artesia, Avalon, Bellflower, Cerritos, Downey, Lakewood, Long Beach, Lynwood, Paramount, Signal Hill and South Gate.