The fact that I am black is my ultimate reality. … It is impossible for me to surrender this basic reality for a “higher, more universal” reality. Black theology knows no authority more binding than the experience of oppression itself.

– James Cone, “Black Theology, Black Power”

He has a friend who bombed the Pentagon and other government buildings. He has another who murdered African Christians. He has received endorsements and illegal campaign contributions from terrorists. Despite the veneer manufactured for him by his handlers and the press, he is so mired in far-left militancy he can barely conceal his disdain for America.

Still, few Americans are even aware of the above.

The question is not one of how much more proof of Sen. Barack Obama’s Marxist roots we need, but how much more proof will be sufficient to convince America’s media chieftains that their tacit support of his candidacy for president has become a liability they can no longer afford.

The opening quote is from James Cone, the father of Black Liberation Theology, the doctrine taught at Chicago’s Trinity United Church, which Obama attended for 20 years. On Monday, WND reported that Leah Daughtry, leader of the Democratic National Convention Committee and chief of staff at the DNC, is an adherent to Black Liberation Theology who supports reparations to blacks for slavery and other such “restitutions” whites allegedly “owe” black people.

Leaving aside the tendency for far-lefties in government to execute every socialistic money grab they can get away with, and (in this case) the impact of reparations on people who had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery, it is time for Americans to wake up to the reality that the Democrat Party machine has become something wholly un-American.

It is time for those of us who oppose them to stop flinching when those on the far left ask with feigned indignation if we’re being so rash as to question their patriotism or loyalty to the United States of America.

The answer is yes.

The white God is an idol, created by the racist bastards, and we black people must perform the iconoclastic task of smashing their false images.

– James Cone, “A Black Theology of Liberation”

That which many Obama supporters do not even know is what this columnist and a few others have attempted to bring to bring to their awareness (and for which we have been viciously excoriated): the depth of this candidate’s aforementioned Marxist roots. One cannot be a “patriotic American” and embrace the foul creed espoused by Cone or anyone else – period. Those who do so and claim that their “religion” is Christianity are simply deluded, or they’re engaging in deceit. Read the quote above or any of Cone’s other putrefactive works if you still doubt.

This charade, as is said, has gone on long enough; each and every challenge raised about Sen. Obama’s seditious cohorts has been feebly rationalized by the candidate, and his rejoinders have been summarily accepted by the media, one and all.

Perhaps the so-called clerics among black activists are to be condemned to a greater degree than secular activists for prostituting faith, but the motivation and the result remains the same. Whether Jeremiah Wright (Trinity United’s former pastor) or Jesse Jackson, these are examples of the exploitation of people for personal gain; in this case, the people happen to be black. There is a great deal of sensitivity surrounding the issue of how blacks have been treated in America, but we must remember that a great deal of this sensitivity has been capitalized upon, exacerbated and protracted by these so-called advocates for blacks. Hence, the term “poverty pimps,” as they do nothing but enrich themselves at the cost of those they claim to serve.

And this cost? Look around. The black family a joke, poverty, atrocious rates of school dropouts, incarceration and unwed mothers, yet everything that perpetuates these – bohemian culture, rap music, promiscuity, misogyny, victimhood and defiance – is held as sacrosanct. Can’t take those away from black folks, unless one wants to be accused of racism – or of being a “race traitor.”

Such a lovely racket they have.

Like so many before him, Barack Obama pays lip service to ameliorating these problems. He remains intractably ensconced within the camp of those who have stroked blacks with one hand while repeatedly stabbing them with the other since the Civil Rights Movement began. Given Obama’s track record prior to becoming a candidate, there is no reasonable expectation that he will perform any differently if elected president. He accuses the opposition of trying to scare voters where he is concerned; these facts ought to horrify them, yet they will remain oblivious as long as the media act as Obama’s surrogate.

As scholars and genuine theologians (yes, as opposed to carny barkers and snake oil salesmen like James Cone and Jeremiah Wright) have determined, Black Liberation Theology is but one thing: a perversion of Christianity intended by design to woo blacks from faith and toward Marxist thought. “Blackness” is to be worshipped, as is the state – another intangible entity – in totalitarian regimes. Having established this deification of ethnicity, as far as the far-left puppet-masters go, the sky’s the limit.

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