As of July 31, the Democratic National Convention was still in need of one-fourth of the estimated cost of the Denver convention – amounting to 10 million of the $40 million.

Moreover, Washington Examiner political columnist Tony Campbell explains in detail why this national convention could be absolutely explosive:

“I talked to a Clinton delegate here in Maryland. He told me they have been instructed to vote for Hillary (for president) on the first ballot. To make things more interesting, there is a movement to swing 160 delegates from Obama to Clinton. If that happens, Clinton could re-establish her campaign and face John McCain in the fall.”

And further:

“The group P.U.M.A. (for Public Unity My A–) claims that 15 delegates have switched from Obama to Clinton in July. There is still the possibility of a floor convention vote to fully seat the delegations from Michigan and Florida – which would benefit Senator Clinton.

“The question is: Will it be an easy nomination for Obama – or one of the grandest political ambushes ever pulled off … on the voting floor of the convention?”

This undeniably exciting prediction of the possible seems, in view of Hillary’s concession and vow of Obama support, to be nostalgic wishful thinking.

On the other hand, the Democratic National Convention is surely made up of enough independent minds to preclude any predictions of certainty.

  • What if a majority believe that to deny any votes to Michigan and Florida is as repugnant – and (on Nov. 4) politically dangerous – as simply ignoring how the majority of the other big-electoral-vote states were won by Hillary?
  • What if a majority of non-black female delegates have become appalled at all of the reports that 90 percent of the black vote is going to Obama? Has Sen. Obama made any significant effort to deplore such racial cheerleading – when the U.S. voting rolls have so many millions more non-black women than all of this nation’s blacks?
  • Is it at all reasonable to presume that if, despite Hillary’s withdrawal, she gets enough convention votes from all those big-electoral-vote states (which voted for her in the primaries) that she would not jump at any possible chance?

  • Has the Obama worldwide fundraising (including Saudi Arabia, Guam and still Red China) of so many, many millions of dollars not raised questions as to the ethics of accepting so much from overseas?
  • Considering the absolutely enormous number of dollars the Obama campaign has raised, why, when Hillary conceded with such a huge campaign debt still unpaid, was there no offer of substantial assistance from money-heavy Obama?

Anyone thinking this has not been thought about by Hillary – and (furiously) by Bill – is simply naive.

And that is why, when I broadcast from Denver late this month, I may well be able to detail what could be one of American politic most historic and unprecedented revolutions.

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