Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is now personally attacking Jerome Corsi, claiming the author of the New York Times No. 1 best-seller “The Obama Nation” is “just makin’ stuff up,” and Corsi is wasting no time firing back.

At a town-hall meeting this evening in Lynchburg, Va. – the hometown of the late televangelist Jerry Falwell – Obama seemed defensive, reports McClatchy Newspapers, “as if acknowledging that his lead over McCain has shrunk heading into the parties’ nominating conventions and accusing Republicans of smearing him out of desperation.”

Obama told the crowd: “I don’t find myself particularly scary or particularly risky, but I mean, they’re good at it. So they’ve got these ads with Paris [Hilton] and Britney [Spears] and they’ve got some guy who just a wrote a book. He just makin’ stuff up, just makes stuff up. But it gets a lot of play on Fox News. After a while people start thinking, ‘God, he does have a funny name,’ or believing false rumors about me they get in e-mails about Obama’s religion or patriotism.”

The reference to “some guy” is Corsi, the senior staff writer for WND who wrote “The Obama Nation,” an in-depth report explaining why the U.S. senator from Illinois should not be president.

“He’s come unglued,” Corsi responded tonight during an appearance on the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes” show.

“If he can’t handle a book and the First Amendment, if he’s in the Oval Office, all the enemies of the United States need to do to rattle him is to publish a cartoon about him or write a book.”

Corsi added, “Every minute the Obama campaign obsesses on me, they’re off-message and they’re not answering the fundamental charges I made in the book.”

Co-host Alan Colmes pointed out that Corsi has previously written negative reports about Republican candidate John McCain.

“I’m not voting for John McCain,” said Corsi. “I’ve attacked George W. Bush. Look at my last book, ‘The Late Great USA.’ It became a New York Times best-seller, too. I’m gonna vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. I wrote [“The Obama Nation”] because I think the most dangerous candidate running … is Barack Obama.”

The Late Great USA” charges the federal government’s unwillingness to enforce immigration laws and border security is, at least in part, a result of plans to promote political, social and economic integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Corsi also co-authored the No. 1 New York Times best-seller “Unfit for Command” which many credit with having cost John Kerry the presidency in the 2004 election.


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