What would you do if you worked in manufacturing and watched your coworkers lose their jobs as a result of corporate downsizing? Would it frustrate you to notice that there was no corresponding downsizing in consumer purchasing? More and more Americans today recognize that their country seems to be getting the short end of the stick when they visit their local retail outlets and find all too often that American-made products just aren’t available.

Paul Stanuch, owner of the ZebulonUSA website, decided to turn his frustration of these realities into a passion for offering a wide range of American products in one place. He rightly realized that more patriotic consumers would purchase Made in USA products if they could find them more easily. And with today’s Internet giving us greater access to American-made products that oftentimes can’t be found in retail stores anyway, it’s actually easier to buy American than most might think.

At ZebulonUSA, they understand that there is often little difference in price between the products they offer and the imported products offered by foreign producers. Next time you hear a U.S. factory is about to close and move overseas, check the price tag of that product currently made by the domestic factory and then check it again once that product begins to be sourced offshore. You might be surprised that there is little, if any, price difference; and ZebulonUSA challenges anyone to compare its prices to other well-known brands of similar quality.

ZebulonUSA also understands that when a price difference does exist, many times it is because of the difference in production volume. The more one produces, the lower the cost of producing. Since most of the companies bucking the trend of the ever-increasing import flood from overseas are small or medium-sized businesses, these patriotic businesses compete against larger manufacturers overseas that can produce more at a lower cost.

What does all this mean? It means that buying American-made products from places like ZebulonUSA can make it easier to buy American in the future by making domestic manufacturers more price-competitive against larger offshore rivals. It also means the reason we have trouble buying American now is we haven’t been buying American as much as we should have in the past. And we often don’t because we aren’t aware, and awareness is the key.

So now that you’ve been made aware of a place to go where everything is made in USA, help American manufacturing expand and make it possible to buy American so that there will always be American left to buy. Visit ZebulonUSA and support our workers and manufacturers to keep America working.

USA Coffee Company

If you’re like most people, you probably figured that buying American-grown coffee was just about as possible as buying American-grown bananas. I used to think the same thing, but I found out I was wrong when I discovered the USA Coffee Company.

Only American workers and American jobs are involved when you buy any of the many types of coffee and other related products from the USA Coffee Company, which grows all of their coffee in the great state of Hawaii. Whether you try the All American Union Roast, Island Paradise or 100% American Kona coffee, the USA Coffee Company is true red, white and blue from tree to cup.

They also offer chocolate-covered espresso beans, macadamia nuts, maple syrups or Maui sugar, and even have American-made coffee mugs to make the best of your buy American experience. You won’t find these great American products in stores, so be sure to visit the USA Coffee Company website.

Union Built PC

One of the hardest areas to buy American is in electronics. This is an especially difficult realization to patriotic Americans since it’s nearly impossible to get by without a computer of some sort these days. Fortunately there’s a company that builds all of its computers in the USA and gets as many parts from domestic sources as possible. If you own a computer from Union Built PC, you’ll take comfort in knowing there isn’t another one on the planet with more American parts than yours.

All company technical support, sales and accounting is U.S.-based, so you won’t ever have to worry about dealing with someone you can’t understand on the other end of the phone should you ever have a problem with your computer.

With a UnionBuiltPC computer, your computer case, power supply and RAM can be sourced domestically (only the RAM is domestically available for laptops), and you can also upgrade to an American-made video card as well. UnionBuiltPC is already doing what we should all be doing: ordering American-made products whenever possible.

White Creek Tile

At White Creek Tile, you’ll see American-made, hand-crafted, kiln-fired ceramic tiles that are perfect for leaving notes or messages for anyone in the family. No more worrying about what happened to that piece of paper with your notes on it. These write-on tiles won’t scratch your table or kitchen counter and wipe off effortlessly with any towel or napkin. You can choose from all kinds of designs for your tile like birds, sports, animals, farm, floral and nature just to name a few. So if you’re looking for that unique gift for someone who has everything, this is it.


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