How much longer can Barack Obama whisper sweet nothings to Lady Liberty? America, please tell me that on Nov. 5, 2008, you will respect yourself in the morning and wake up with McCain as the new president.

With a boilerplate speech Thursday from the textbook of Democratic demagoguery, Obama has the nerve to call for change. It’s near comedic that he preaches change to a base of supporters who by virtue of age hardly even know what came before, or what they are changing from. Yet, even across the board, his call for change is more of an appeal to the insecure who believe America is always wrong, everyone else is always right, and prefer to be loved rather than respected. They’d prefer to show the world an accommodating face, rather than a strong backbone. As Robert Frost once said, “A liberal is someone who is afraid to take his own side in an argument.”

Nonetheless, Obama’s oratorical talent proves once again that good sound trumps good sense. His ability to mesmerize the masses is reminiscent of the dangerous demagogues of the last century. With the same methods, he galvanizes the crowds around a contrived scapegoat using Bush/McCain on the altar to fan the flames of fuming liberal coals. It is hard not to parallel clips we’ve seen of fascistic hypnotic speakers addressing packed stadiums with what we saw last week at the Democratic National Convention. With all the hot air sweeping across the convention, it is no wonder that a devastating hurricane was set into motion. If Democrats really care about the environment, they should really stop talking and spewing toxic gases. Voters must remember that great sound bites will bite us right back once the nice words vanish and serious challenges remain, leaving only incompetence at the helm.

Indeed, the DNCC was a great show. I was gripped for four days switching back and forth between Fox News Channel and CNN. All the hoopla, the fireworks, the entertainment, the stage props designed by Britney Spears’ set designers, were right up there with a Broadway production. It was as bedazzling as “Phantom of the Opera” – and even bedazzled Oprah. But when the phantom’s mask falls, will we like the face we see? When the show is over, who will lead this country? America doesn’t need good actors; it needs a great leader.

Certainly, the overproduced convention was meant to mask all the weaknesses and the void that is Barack Obama. It’s quite simple. We all know full well that a candidate picks a VP running mate to complement what he is missing; therefore, choosing Joe Biden is a blatant admission by Obama that he himself is not ready to be president.

If Obama, as he stated in his speech, really “puts the country first,” then he would not be running for president now. He would step aside and let someone qualified run it, just as a novice brain surgeon would not operate on someone he loves but would defer the job to the more experienced and competent. That’s true love! Perhaps Obama should first “go through the federal budget, line by line” before he runs for president and not do his homework on the people’s clock. If Obama really put this country and the will of voters first, Hillary Clinton would be his running mate. But, he didn’t care to put the voters, those very people who make up the country, first. He came first. Obviously, he was afraid and threatened by Hillary Clinton. As such, how can we trust he can take on Ahmadinejad and the other great threats facing this country if he’s fearful of “the woman in the traveling pantsuits”? How would he deal with traveling terrorists and their exploding backpacks? Of course, dear readers, Obama will put the country first – because he needs something to hide behind. McCain, however, has stood before the country, on the frontlines of battle and, even more bravely, across partisan lines. He has born the “bullets,” sustained the injuries and earned his medals, all the while Obama was polishing his speeches.

And behind the safety of brilliant rhetoric, Obama said in his acceptance speech that: “As commander in chief, I will never hesitate to defend this nation.” His actions, however, have told another story. As a senator and a churchgoing congregant, he didn’t even have the courage and will to verbally defend this country from the hateful bashing of Rev. Wright.

In 2004, Obama said: “There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America – there’s the United States of America.” If those were his views then – in 2004 – why didn’t he ever give that same speech to Rev. Wright or his congregation? Why did it take him only one term to find egregious wrongs in the Bush administration but 20 years to see what’s wrong with his reverend? Did he put his country first then? I’d say 20 years is no short hesitation to rise up in defense of his beloved country, which Rev. Wright, as we have all seen by now, so hatefully damned.

As I’ve said before: If you’re in the pew, you share the view.

And finally, if I were a black voter in this country, I would be incensed by Obama’s blatant omission of Martin Luther King’s name during his speech this past Thursday. He never referred to him by name but rather as “a young preacher from Georgia.” He mentioned everyone else’s name, the Clintons, his wife and kids, Biden – why not MLK? It was MLK’s suffering and sacrifices that made it possible for Obama to pursue and realize his owns dream. On the confluence of those two historic days, the anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech and the nomination of the first black presidential candidate in history, why did Obama leave his name out? Is he ashamed to be black, or was he pandering to the whites? Either way, he did wrong. Who else will Obama’s ambitions toss by the wayside once their usefulness to him has expired? If he is not proud to be black, how can he be proud to be an American? If he is afraid to appear “too” black, how can he have the courage to be a leader? MLK deserved to be mentioned by name. It was tantamount to giving a eulogy and not mentioning the name of the person who passed. It could only be on purpose.

That, among other things, has led me to nickname Mr. Barack Obama “Chicken Little”: He is a chicken, and he’s done so little. And Mr. Obama, the sky is not falling, but indeed if you feel it bumping against your head, maybe it’s because your ego is in the clouds and that you’re surrounded by too many sycophantic dim-lit stars.

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