On the heels of the New York Times multi-week No.1 best-selling book, “Obama Nation,” comes another potentially explosive look into the real politics of Barack Obama from WND Books called “The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama’s War on American Values.”

“‘The Audacity of Deceit’ is the perfect complement to Jerome Corsi’s ‘Obama Nation,'” says Joseph Farah, founder of WND Books. “I think there is a strong market still for more information on Obama – a lot of material left unaddressed.”

In “The Audacity of Deceit,” author Brad O’Leary zeroes in on Obama’s domestic policy prescriptions, demonstrating how Obama’s campaign promises would affect average Americans should the Democrat be elected president.

O’Leary, the former NBC Westwood One talk show host who has authored 11 books and penned political columns for USA Weekend that drew 90 million readers, looked at the potential consequences of an Obama administration and reached the following conclusions:

  • Obama will be a radical on the abortion issue as signaled by his blocking of emergency medical aid for babies who survive abortion;
  • Obama will attempt to ban the use of firearms for defense by law-abiding citizens;
  • Obama will raise tax rates up to 60 percent;
  • Obama will push for health care reforms that will let government determine which procedures and operations senior citizens are allowed to have;
  • Obama will “transform the U.S. Treasury into the United Nations’ ATM”;
  • Obama will choke off America’s domestic energy resources, sending gas, electricity and food prices through the roof;
  • Obama will raise the percentage of Americans who pay no taxes at all, from 30 percent to 40 percent – at the expense of those who do;
  • Obama will transfer child-rearing responsibility and authority from parents to the federal government with his “0 to 5” program.

Asked why he wrote “The Audacity of Deceit,” O’Leary explained, “Not long ago at a family gathering, I discovered that some of my six daughters and five grandchildren were thinking about voting for Barack Obama – yet they didn’t know his views on key issues.”

O’Leary began writing a long letter to his loved ones, inviting them to study Obama’s values and positions before making such a decision. The letter demonstrated how an Obama presidency would radically alter the face of American values and limit opportunities for future generations. The letter he wrote developed into this new, sure-to-be-controversial book.

In one chapter of “The Audacity of Deceit” called “The Barack Obama Test,” O’Leary gathers polling results from America’s top pollsters, including Zogby, Rasmussen, Gallup and CNN, demonstrating how Obama’s positions on a broad array of issues are in stark contrast to the values held by the vast majority of Americans.

People can see the contrast for themselves at www.BarackObamaTest.com, where visitors can take a 39-question survey to see how closely their values line up with Obama’s professed positions.

The book’s website also allows anyone to download a free chapter of their choice from the book, including a chapter with exclusive Zogby polls – never before published and available nowhere else – that detail the differences in political views between the 70 percent of Americans who pay federal income taxes and the 30 percent who do not.

Through the poll results, O’Leary reveals for the first time who the non-taxpaying Americans are – detailing their income levels, education, marital status, and even religious practices – and who they plan to vote for.

The book is set for nationwide release Tuesday, Sept. 9, but the book is immediately available from WND’s online store, Shop.WND.com, at a reduced price of just $19.99.


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