I hate politics. I really do. It’s repetitively, boringly obvious that most politicians are cut from the same cloth. I vote, of course. I study issues. I study candidates. I try to choose the most suitable person for the job, which often translates into voting for the lesser of two evils (which of course is still an evil).

In the last decade, my interest in politics has sunk into an apathetic wave of my hand. What’s-his-name got elected? OK, fine. Whatever.

Then Sarah Palin came on the scene as McCain’s VP candidate.

I’ve heard – you can’t help but hear – all the criticism about Palin. How she sacrificed her family for her political ambitions. How she went back to work mere days after her special-needs son was born. How her 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy might be traceable to a lack of maternal guidance. I’ve heard it all, and I don’t admire those things about her.

And yet …

And yet, I like the idea of a feisty woman kicking the Old Establishment in the cashews. I’m enjoying the black eye the media is getting. (On Thursday, Rasmussen Reports released a poll that said that over half of U.S. voters believe reporters are trying to hurt Palin. Oooh, ya think?) I like how a woman can be smart, pretty and conservative at the same time. I admire how Palin has taken on the Alaska government, the corrupt Republicans and the oil companies with one hand tied behind her back. I’m especially enjoying how she’s stolen the thunder away from the Feminazis, who hate her guts and criticize her for the very things they’ve been whining about for decades – equality in the workplace, shattering the glass ceiling, et cetera. Gotta love it.

Believe me, I am second to none in my admiration for women who stay home and raise their children. But there’s something about Palin that just rings my chimes. When I heard about her nomination last Friday, I went through the day grinning like an idiot. I mean, c’mon – aren’t you just a wee bit curious about what’s going to happen in the next four years if McCain is elected? I know I am.

If you want “change,” as Obama’s been bleating … well, you got it.

At the moment I’m sitting back and enjoying the fireworks. It’s become my new hobby to listen as the Old Media apply breathtaking double standards of sexism in their attacks on Palin, which, if applied to Hillary, would cause apoplexy. I find it amazing that the liberal media feel the need to attack her as a woman. Well golly, and here I thought all along that’s what they wanted – a woman in office. And darn it, she’s even pretty too. Will the humiliation never end?

I’m astonished how the media try to emphasize Palin’s lack of experience (as if Obama has any more) by focusing on her small-town mayoral job and continue to overlook the fact that she is the governor of Alaska. HellOOO?

Unable to find enough stuff to smear in Palin’s personal or professional life, the media has turned to blog-based rumors manufactured by people with room-temperature IQ’s: that Palin’s youngest son is actually her grandson (huh?), that she’s had an affair with her husband’s business partner (where did they find that one?), and that Palin is “very difficult to work with” (what, and Hillary is easy? Or Barack? Or John?).

What the media don’t seem to “get” is that all their frantic attempts to discredit Palin will backfire. It’s quite apparent that the left is desperate – absolutely desperate – to divert women voters back to Obama, especially after the way he and the Old Media dissed Hillary. They’ll do anything it takes to bring Palin down, including indulging in the most mind-boggling examples of double standards, smear tactics and outright lies.

The East Coast elite media are even saying things guaranteed to make intelligent conservative people in fly-over country hopping mad – condescending things like how Palin will only attract blue-collar women voters. (“Blue-collar” in media-elite-speak means the dumb, unedjikated, great unwashed masses that don’t reside on either of the coasts.) The Democrats, unaware that their platform of socialism is roundly hated by most fly-over voters, are baffled, confused and frankly scared by the enthusiasm for Palin. They just don’t get it.

I know that my husband, whose opinion of the Republican presidential candidate was even lower than mine, is now so hot under the collar from the media’s attack on Palin that he plans to vote for McCain. He’s not happy about it, but he is so disgusted by the shameless feeding frenzy of lies, blog-rumors and other horse manure being shoveled around by the left that he wants to stick it to them by voting for the very man they’re trying to convince him not to vote for.

So now I guess I’m voting for McCain. Frankly, if the political men of this country can’t energize the great unwashed masses, maybe it takes a feisty, hard-headed, no-nonsense bundle of estrogen to do it.

Palin will have a steep learning curve and a lot of on-the-job training if she becomes VP. And you can bet that she’ll be on the short list of GOP nominees for president after McCain’s tenure. What a ride that will be!

I still don’t like McCain. And we can’t forget that it’s McCain, not Palin, who is running for president. But McCain is better than Obama. If McCain fails to complete his tenure as president … well, then Palin will step into his shoes. Can’t wait to see what happens then!

So here’s my kudos to McCain for nudging me out of my apathy and allowing me the opportunity to become enthused about a political candidate. While I understand that a VP candidate is an odd criterion to obtain my vote, it’s still better than voting a socialist into office.

After all, this country needs a socialist president like a fish needs a bicycle.

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