There is little doubt that readers of this column have been apprised of the obsequious, rude declaration made by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., during his House floor speech on Wednesday, Sept. 10. “The Idiocy Heard ‘Round the World” still has factions on both sides of the political spectrum murmuring, that being, Cohen’s comment comparing Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama to Jesus Christ and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who sentenced Christ to death.

This columnist takes no issue with a sitting representative showing support for a candidate from his or her own party. Inasmuch as all parties have always supported each other in these cases, it should be expected that nearly every Democrat lawmaker in Congress would effectively take on the role of an Obama surrogate.

Yet, Cohen’s comment – preposterous beyond reason – could not, cannot, be ignored.

As has been pointed out, equating Barack Obama with Jesus Christ, which his supporters have done in a de facto manner by the nature of their slavish support for him, is not only blasphemous to Christians, but overtly insulting, coarse and beneath a U.S. member of Congress – or should be considered so. Reducing one whom the majority of Americans hold to be the Lord of the Universe and Savior of humankind to a “community organizer” is, of course, similarly wounding and discourteous, to say the very least.

Lest we employ a double standard by dismissing that a double standard exists here, attend: Had a Republican senator made a comparable remark about candidate John McCain and the opposition running mate, pundits, party hacks and media creatures alike would be calling for McCain to withdraw from the race, if for no other reason than having surrogates who were so rash and stupid.

Since there are still many Americans who are ignorant of the facts, let us be blunt: The comparisons of Obama to Christ or Palin to Pilate are obviously far, far, from analogous. Barack Hussein Obama is a nothing, not in the eyes of God, or in the sense of human worth, but in the sense of his tissue-paper resume, fair game because he and his people tout it so audaciously. He was a community organizer, a position many would reckon is less important than dogcatcher. He was a state senator in the cutthroat Chicago political machine – great claim to fame there and one that almost presupposes a criminal record. Then, with the vilest of socialist elites behind him (who had a mind toward running him for president even then) he was elected U.S. senator as a winning image, one that would be easy to pass off on an ill-informed populace that had abandoned critical thinking, was crafted.

But that’s all it is – an image. Obama is simply another uber-liberal whose objective is in the Marxist fashion: Con the disaffected in order to solidify your power, then squeeze them for all you can get. Promises of “change” are, in the candidate’s words, just words, and his romantically embellished life story is a lie as well. Obama’s worldview wasn’t crafted by “Kansas folk”; it was crafted by foreigners, internationalists and America haters. In truth, whether he perceives himself as such or not, Obama has less in common with average Americans than he has in common with those few well-educated denizens of the Third World. Though he may not be Islamic, he is almost certainly Islamist, sharing solidarity with those whom his communist mentors maintain have a legitimate beef with the U.S. The candidate is a comprehensive fraud whose refusal to release his school records gives every indication that we are dealing with (among so many other things) the “affirmative action candidate.”

Leaving all this aside, it is an uncomfortable irony that this profoundly idiotic utterance was made by a man of Jewish heritage. It makes the following example all the pricklier.

It could be said – albeit defiantly and with a cattiness more characteristically employed by the left – that Adolf Hitler was a “community organizer,” as well. After all, between the loss of World War I and the state of the world economy in the 1930s, Germany had been dealt a terrific blow. Thugs, petty criminals, communists and anarchists freely roamed the streets. Those who did have money flaunted their means, careless of those who were trotting down the sidewalks with wheelbarrows full of worthless paper money in order to purchase the most basic of necessities.

Enter Hitler, another master orator, by the way. And guess what? He told people precisely what they needed to hear: The uplifting voice of “change.”

Of course there were still, small voices within certain circles that recognized Hitler for the dangerous sociopath he was – but you’d never get the average German to see it then. Such nice boys they were in their brown shirts. Well-spoken, clean cut … and they kept those damn communists off of the streets.

Community organizer.

Should a Hitler come along in America, rest assured that he will be hailed as triumphantly as Barack Obama. His shortcomings – like Obama’s and Hitler’s – will be purposefully overlooked, and he will sail to power with the pomp of a celebrated ocean liner coming into port.

And he will lay waste to some vital part of America, one left somehow intact prior to that point. Certainly Obama’s ascendancy itself is a clear indication that some measure of what was America has already been lost.

What horrors await us as a nation then is anyone’s guess, but it’s a cinch that it is something largely unfathomable to the majority of Americans at this juncture.

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