Last week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the United Nations (and the empty seats at the American delegation) that they’re going nuclear, like it or not.

In Tuesday’s speech to the U.N. General Assembly in New York, Ahmadinejad said, “I officially announce that in our opinion, the nuclear issue of Iran is now closed and has turned into an ordinary agency matter.”

The Holocaust denier who proudly proclaimed that Israel should be “wiped out from the map,” and “will be annihilated,” last week referred to “deceitful” Zionists who are manipulating Americans and Europeans and who control the world’s financial system.

This is the guy Barack Obama wants to sit down and chat with.

Ahmadinejad then said we all should “return from the path of arrogance and obedience to Satan to the path of faith in God.” He then invited “all independent, justice-seeking and peace-loving nations” to join Iran in a “coalition for peace.”

Yeah, let’s join the biggest anti-Semite on the planet and discuss his “coalition for peace” regarding our greatest ally that he wants to wipe off the map. That’s his idea of “justice.”

As McCain pointed out time and time again in last week’s debate, Obama just doesn’t get it.

But Al Gore’s running mate of 2000 gets it. McCain-endorsing Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman told Israel Radio: ” Ahmadinejad is not hiding his intentions,” and “Israel must take the necessary steps” to stop him.

He is right.

Friday’s presidential debate revealed what kind of steps the next president would take regarding Iran. And the recent community organizer turned freshmen senator showed his presidential aspirations are clearly above his pay grade.

With two campaign advisers holding his arms back, a third pinned an American flag on the protesting Obama’s lapel, while a forth handed him his talking points from a High School Civics book. I’m guessing that yet another told him to drop the “Senator” title and just call Sen. McCain “John” or “Johnnie” to give the impression that Obama’s somehow an “equal” with the experienced war hero.

I can almost hear Obama’s handlers now: “When you’ve never heard of the countries and can’t pronounce the names of the people Senator McCain has met with and has known for years, just agree with him.” Obama did that eight times.

From the transcript:

  1. I think Senator McCain’s absolutely right that we need more responsibility. …
  2. Well, Senator McCain is absolutely right that the earmarks process has been abused. …
  3. And he’s also right that oftentimes lobbyists and special interests are the ones that are introducing these kinds of requests, although that wasn’t the case with me.
  4. But John is right we have to make cuts.
  5. Senator McCain is absolutely right that the violence has been reduced as a consequence of the extraordinary sacrifice of our troops and our military families.
  6. John, I – you’re absolutely right that presidents have to be prudent in what they say.
  7. Now, Senator McCain is also right that it’s difficult. This is not an easy situation. You’ve got cross-border attacks against U.S. troops.
  8. Senator McCain is absolutely right, we cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran.

But the most inexperienced and unqualified candidate to ever run for the White House isn’t just naive, as Senator McCain pointed out, this guy is dangerous.

MCCAIN: Admiral Mullen suggests that Senator Obama’s plan is dangerous for America.

Admiral Mike Mullen is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – he should know.

MCCAIN: Senator Obama twice said in debates he would sit down with Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Raul Castro without precondition. Without precondition. … Ahmadinejad … who is now in New York, talking about the extermination of the state of Israel, of wiping Israel off the map, and we’re going to sit down, without precondition, across the table, to legitimize and give a propaganda platform to a person that is espousing the extermination of the state of Israel, and therefore then giving them more credence in the world arena and therefore saying, they’ve probably been doing the right thing, because you will sit down across the table from them and that will legitimize their illegal behavior.

The point is that throughout history, whether it be Ronald Reagan, who wouldn’t sit down with Brezhnev, Andropov or Chernenko until Gorbachev was ready with glasnost and perestroika.

Or whether it be Nixon’s trip to China, which was preceded by Henry Kissinger, many times before he went. Look, I’ll sit down with anybody, but there’s got to be pre-conditions. Those pre-conditions would apply that we wouldn’t legitimize with a face-to-face meeting, a person like Ahmadinejad. Now, Senator Obama said, without preconditions.

OBAMA: … I reserve the right, as president of the United States to meet with anybody at a time and place of my choosing if I think it’s going to keep America safe.

Translation: If I’m elected, I’ll do whatever the heck I want. But take a look at the misinformation to follow:

OBAMA: And I’m glad that Senator McCain brought up the history, the bipartisan history of us engaging in direct diplomacy.

Senator McCain mentioned Henry Kissinger, who’s one of his advisers, who, along with five recent secretaries of state, just said that we should meet with Iran – guess what – without precondition. This is one of your own advisers. …

There’s a difference between preconditions and preparation. Of course we’ve got to do preparations, starting with low-level diplomatic talks, and it may not work, because Iran is a rogue regime.

MCCAIN: … Look, Dr. Kissinger did not say that he would approve of face-to- face meetings between the president of the United States and the president – and Ahmadinejad. He did not say that. … He said that there could be secretary-level and lower level meetings. I’ve always encouraged them. The Iranians have met with Ambassador Crocker in Baghdad.

What Senator Obama doesn’t seem to understand [is] that if without precondition you sit down across the table from someone who has called Israel a “stinking corpse,” and wants to destroy that country and wipe it off the map, you legitimize those comments.

This is dangerous. It isn’t just naive; it’s dangerous. And so we just have a fundamental difference of opinion. …

OBAMA: Look, I mean, Senator McCain keeps on using this example that suddenly the president would just meet with somebody without doing any preparation, without having low-level talks. Nobody’s been talking about that, and Senator McCain knows it. This is a mischaracterization of my position.

When we talk about preconditions – and Henry Kissinger did say we should have contacts without preconditions – the idea is that we do not expect to solve every problem before we initiate talks. …

MCCAIN: So let me get this right. We sit down with Ahmadinejad, and he says, “We’re going to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth,” and we say, “No, you’re not”? Oh, please.

OBAMA: No, let me tell …

MCCAIN: By the way, my friend, Dr. Kissinger, who’s been my friend for 35 years, would be interested to hear this conversation and Senator Obama’s depiction of his – of his positions on the issue. I’ve known him for 35 years.

OBAMA: We will take a look.

Good idea, let’s “take a look.”

As reported by ABC News’ Kirit Radia, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger set the record straight saying “Senator McCain is right.” Kissinger “would not recommend the next president of the United States engage in talks with Iran at the presidential level.”

What do you know? One call to check the facts reveals that McCain was right and Obama was wrong.

Still is. His website confirms it. Obama supports “direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions.”

McCain said it best: “This is dangerous. It isn’t just naive; it’s dangerous.”

Ask Joe Lieberman. Ask Admiral Mullen. Ask our ally Israel.

No, forced flag pins, fake familiarity and memorized talking points won’t change the fact that freshman Sen. Obama is naïve, dangerous and wrong.

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