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Negrophilia afflicts U.S.

Racism: 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2: racial prejudice or discrimination

– Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2008

Yes, America is a racist nation – but not in the way Democrat presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama and his cohorts Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, Otis Moss III and James Meeks would have us believe. Many of those whites who will cast votes for Obama on Nov. 4 are suffering from negrophilia, an inordinate affinity for blacks (as opposed to antipathy toward them).

For a few decades now, we’ve been subjected to the message from the news and entertainment media, liberal politicians and activists that people of color are somehow more noble, benevolent and inherently less corruptible than whites. Of course, this assessment is patent nonsense as well as irrational; there are innumerable examples of blacks (and others counted as minorities in America) engaging in monstrous behavior, particularly in the Third World. Nevertheless, these erroneous beliefs have apparently been adopted by millions of white Americans. They’re prepared to elect a dangerous fraud president of the United States for largely one reason: Casting a vote for a black man will make them feel good.

Within the paradigm of the fallacy cited, any questionable, nefarious or otherwise antisocial behavior on the part of blacks is put down to legitimate frustration or dysfunction that can usually be traced to having been oppressed by whites somewhere along the way. If blacks in some African nation are dedicatedly hacking each other to pieces with machetes by the hundreds of thousands or necklacing one another, somehow it’s the fault of white people. Completely understandable.

In America, minority activists and politicians seize upon any and every flimsy opportunity to play the race card. Everything from bad attitudes to urban poverty to heinous criminal activity on the part of blacks has been put down to their past treatment. Even in an environment that produces one sibling who’s an honor student and another who’s a spree killer, there’ll be a defense attorney arguing that slavery or segregation prompted the behavior.

As if that’s not racism.

Inasmuch as the saga of blacks in America is something of a “Rocky” story, it is easy to see how the uniquely American spirit of justice was exploited by the left to compromise pragmatism and the collective intellect. The inequities suffered by blacks in past years were indeed atrocious; who but the mean-spirited, bigoted or self-loathing individuals of color would criticize or condemn a black person for their resentments or “cultural idiosyncrasies”?

When Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s tirades from the pulpit were publicized, I had occasion to hear whites take the position that his attitude was “understandable” given what he’d likely endured as a black man coming of age in pre-civil rights movement America. For some reason, it didn’t matter that Wright’s early life was almost what one might consider privileged, all things considered. No, no, no – he’s black; he’s suffered; he has the right to be a shmuck.

As if that’s not racism. Yet, leave it to uninformed, white liberal Democrats to argue the point with a black man.

Consequently, it stands to reason that much of the unwarranted whimsy generated by and surrounding candidate Obama is a result of this syndrome of negrophilia – which may well have some clinical pathology of which I am not yet aware.

Obama was unquestioningly accepted as packaged – someone who was sincere, forthright and amiable in every way. The fact that he doesn’t have the ghetto-jabbering syntax of a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton most assuredly did not hurt him. It simply hasn’t occurred to whites (or blacks for that matter) that Obama could even approach being the monster a white man has the potential of being. This has been reinforced by a media propaganda campaign the likes of which this nation has never seen. Indeed, if he becomes president, it will have been the press that picked him.

The questionable associations and activities Obama has and in which he has engaged, that alternative media sources have been citing over the past 18 months, are in the dozens. All of these – including his close alliance with ACORN, an organization that has been found criminally liable for instances of voter fraud for far-left (Democrat) candidates and causes – have been ignored, avoided or denied by the establishment press.

Throughout the campaign, despite his claim that he would not make race an issue and doing so anyway, and his opponent refusing to make race an issue, every criticism of Obama has been met with accusations of racism.

That in itself provides one of the best arguments for cries of “racism” going.