The reason George W. Bush is such an unpopular president can be traced in a large measure to his demonization by the establishment press (aka “the Mainstream Media”). It is indeed true that his administration’s spending policies, lack of communication with the American people vis-à-vis the war in Iraq and other actions that alienated his base were highly instrumental in devastating his approval rating. The media, however, capitalizing on the latter factors and with an agenda of its own, bears the lion’s share of responsibility for making George W. Bush the least-popular president we have had since Jimmy Carter.

Given the political leanings of the establishment press and its actions over the last 18 months, there is definitely a case for the following scenario having played out in the minds of more imaginative Americans:

First, we use everything we can get our hands on to make Bush look like a complete fop. In some ways, he’s made it easy. Then, going into ’08, we drive home the idea that any Republican they put up there for president will be four more years of the same. If the Democrats come up with a candidate who has any charisma at all, we’ll be able to sell him as a veritable messiah. …

“Bush lied” became the mantra, referencing his rationale for invading Iraq, despite no evidence thereof and the support of Congress and the intelligence communities of every nation at that time. When the surge succeeded, the war was still touted as having been Bush’s folly. Truth was relative, and pesky facts didn’t matter. Bush became something just this side of a devil and remains such, despite innumerable (downplayed) successes in the War on Terror at home and abroad.

As unpopular as President Bush has become, the current Democrat-controlled Congress is less popular still, boasting an even lower approval rating. Though this has been overlooked by our noble and august news outlets, it does reinforce the fact that the establishment press has no monopoly on influencing American voters.

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama is a member of that dismally unpopular body, a Congress:

  1. Whose Democrat members are directly responsible for the sub-prime mortgage crisis, having promoted “affirmative action” loans through incarnations of the Community Reinvestment Act, and who with arrogance and cavalier comportment endeavors to deflect the blame for this, and
  2. Which politicized the Iraq campaign in the War on Terror and executed the dangerous ploy of attempting to compromise the conflict and the safety of our military personnel through disinformation, tactics of demoralization and the de-funding of our troops.

Once again, the only reason such facts as those surrounding the sub-prime mortgage debacle are not widely known is due to the establishment press shielding congressional Democrats. “Wall Street greed” was cited as the cause, and it was accepted by those Americans who possess the bumper sticker mentality.

“I have to go to the Internet to find out what’s really going on.” Many of us have heard this complaint from frustrated likely voters who have no particular political ax to grind. Those in broadcast media venues are apparently not interested in taking a lesson from the newspaper industry, this being that their vapid and transparent bias only serves to drive readers away faster than market forces. At this point, it might be that only the most indolent, slack-jawed of voters are restricting their news sources to the “Big Three” television networks, CNN, MSNBC and newspapers.

Regrettably, there are still significant numbers of them.

It is still likely, however, that many voters will begin to identify Obama with his party (rather than with an obscure pantheon of demigods) and make the extrapolation as to what we’re really likely to get with an Obama presidency.

Between these forces and dynamics of the whimsical “Bradley Effect,” one can’t help but wonder how many will be exposed to the truth as regards Obama’s pathetic record, nefarious alliances and his flimsy denials in these areas prior to Election Day and what effect it will have.

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