Lander apartments (courtesy: KENS 5 Eyewitness News)

A man and his family have been served with an eviction notice after he legally protected his property by shooting at a would-be thief.

The unnamed resident at Landera apartments in San Antonio, Texas, took action after neighbors complained about having their vehicles broken into or stolen, KENS-TV reported. Vandals attacked his apartment, shattering a window and breaking into his car.

“It’s just tough to swallow something that you work so hard for to get taken away from you so easily,” he said.

The burglars returned Tuesday, smashed his car window and ran away. The man called police and filed a report.

“I just told my neighbor, maybe we should stay up, keep an eye on things tonight,” he said.

The intruders came back three hours later.

“The driver’s side guy got out, ran toward my vehicle,” he said.

Rather than watching strangers steal and destroy his possessions, the man ran outside and fired his shotgun five or six times, according to the report. He managed to hit one of the suspects. He is not facing charges.

“Texas law states you can protect your personal property, even if it’s deadly force,” he said.

To his dismay, the apartment served his family an eviction notice.

“We had three days to leave,” he said.

The man said he is unable to find another home in three days, much less afford an unexpected move. His apartment lease included a clause stating residents are not allowed to own or discharge guns on the premises – but he claims the rule is unfair.

“You’re victimized,” he said, “[A]nd then on top of that, you’re being kicked out on the street for protecting something that you have the right to protect.”


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