Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh said once (that I know of) during the Clinton administration that one ought not be too energized nor dejected over who happens to be occupying the White House at any given time, since this has historically had precious little effect on the general well-being and lifestyle of the average American overall. The inference, I believe, was that trends in our culture and government are more indicative of where our society is going and are subsequently of more concern, since they have far more potential impact on We the People.

Two such alarming trends come to mind right off the bat, as it were: One, the potential for significant and fundamental changes in our government due to a Barack Obama presidency coupled with a Democrat congressional majority, given the far left situation of that majority and Mr. Obama. Two is the concentrated power that has been evidenced by the “disinformation machine” that exists in America; that being the establishment press – or The Ministry of Truth, to wax Orwellian – and our educational system, which has compromised critical thinking to a degree that so many Americans cast their votes for an individual who possessed no executive experience and whose political and philosophical credentials are indisputably anti-American.

Nikita Khruschev, leader of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, said on more than one occasion that communism would be “sold” to the American people piecemeal; like a hungover pub-crawler, we would one day wake up with communism, quite unsure of how it wound up in our bed. Despite all of the bluster and concerns over being dry roasted in our basements and bomb shelters by Soviet ICBMs, it could be argued that their leadership never believed they would have to engage the United States militarily.

This victory through attrition appears to be precisely what is happening. Some of the most ill-informed Obama voters are under the impression that all of their needs will now be met. By whom, no one can be sure. Someone else, apparently, although the ramifications of this dynamic and the consequential effect on their standard of living is beyond their concern.

The “guilty whites” and other victims of the establishment press who were enamored of Obama simply bought the superficial imagery that packaged the candidate like another popstar du jour. Bereft of an ability to think critically, they believed the campaign rhetoric in toto, despite the fact that empirical evidence indicated he would dance no differently than a far left opportunist if elected president.

When the sub-prime mortgage debacle reared its head in September and October, and the nebulous protocol Obama had outlined for our economy was rendered abject insanity, the lies of the candidate and his campaign became more blatant, grandiose and implausible. Suddenly, Barack Obama had nothing to offer the American people besides the mantra of “change” and a referendum against “the failed policies” of George W. Bush. He seized on the historically successful practice of demonizing the current administration, blaming them for the economic downturn despite the fact that his party was directly responsible for the acute fiscal malaise.

Those who had been indoctrinated into the cult of Obama held fast. Only independent and undecided voters, still not entirely convinced that Obama was a dangerous sham, began to express doubts about the candidate. In the end, however, Sen. John McCain could not escape guilt by party affiliation.

Tragically, the ignorance of the American people and the campaign of disinformation manifested a majority. It is a dangerous time, not only because we will have to suffer President Obama, but because it signifies a fundamental change – ironically, given Obama’s campaign slogan. Most voting Americans are now sufficiently rash that they were willing to risk mandating the coup de grace upon America’s economy, further breakdown of our social institutions and deterioration of our global standing – never mind the quantum leap toward a full implementation of Marxist ideology and policies in America.

President-elect Obama has already proven himself to be one of the greatest purveyors of male bovine fecal matter in human history, and a greater liar than George W. Bush was ever painted. The blame for future failures will be passed along to previous administrations. This will be reinforced by media propaganda and mutely consumed by the shambling masses to be regurgitated at appropriate times.

If we’re lucky, the zeitgeist remains such that Obama will not be able to act as the Marxist he is while serving as president. Regardless, if the current tide is ever to be turned, patriotic Americans of all political stripes will have to translate their concerns into action. This means the organization of voters at the grass-roots level – voters who are not ideologues and who realize that both the Democrat and Republican parties have been fundamentally compromised.

If we’re not lucky, and Americans do not come to this realization, I just hope Mr. Limbaugh’s words hold true – for all our sakes. In the meantime, I’ll have that paperwork legally changing my middle name to “Itoldjaso” at the ready.

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