The Halloween issue of a New York news magazine is raising some eyebrows as its cover depicts a smiling Barack Obama as a vampire carrying a scantily clad Sarah Palin who has been pierced with a spike through her heart.

The image also displays a giant cross emanating from the wound in “Palin’s” chest.

Metroland’s cover of Oct. 30, 2008 features haunting images of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin

“Can you imagine conservatives trying to do anything like this?” asked Bill Dudek of Albany, N.Y.

Metroland, a free publication billing itself as the alternative newsweekly of New York’s capital region, says it reaches 100,000-plus residents with “in-depth reporting of regional and national news and politics, provocative commentary” and “a strong commitment to editorial and graphic excellence,” according to its website.

John Bracchi, Metroland’s art director, told WND the cover was a last-minute project that was rushed to meet the publishing deadline.

“I was just trying to combine Halloween with politics and do it as quickly as possible,” he said. “I took it off an old, obscure poster that I’d seen.”

Bracchi indicated people either loved or hated the image, with some even stating it was Metroland’s best cover.

He says negative e-mails had a common theme of, “If you think this is funny, you have a warped mind, you’re racist and sexist.”

Regarding any desire to portray either Obama or Palin in a negative light, Bracchi said, “There was no intention other than just to create a visual and to get us out of a [deadline] jam. We didn’t want to make anyone look bad or painstakingly go over ideas.”

When asked if Metroland had any particular political slant, he said, “I would say we definitely lean liberal.”



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