I’m so tired of politicians. In my experience they’re all the same: greedy, eager to take away our constitutional rights, enthusiastic to expand the public dole, et cetera. To quote an earlier column, my interest in politics during the last decade has sunk into an apathetic wave of my hand. What’s-his-name got elected? OK, fine. Whatever.

Welcome the new boss, same as the old boss.

My opinion is no different now that “change” is imminent. I’m positive that the description above will be just as apt with the new administration. I predict that our newly elected politicians will be power-hungry and greedy, and they will grow government at the expense of liberty. Nothing will have changed, despite claims to the contrary.

But my interest – the one person so far who has jerked me out of my political apathy – still lies with Sarah Palin.

One of the reasons Palin intrigues me, beyond the superficial similarities of our ages and our dazzling good looks (ahem), is because I see Palin as being cut from a different cloth. She is a true conservative, not a namby-pamby-kinder-gentler-big-government Republicrat. She’s more Libertarian than Republican. I’ve heard her called the greatest natural politician since Reagan. So when I see someone like Palin give the entrenched officials in Washington a metaphorical kick in the pants, I want to stand up and cheer.

I predict that the next four years are going to be pretty bad. We’re dealing with one of the worst economies since the Depression – faults of both the Democrats and the Republicans – and we’re facing challenges to our personal freedoms like never before. When many people find out what horrific plans are going to be implemented under the new administration, the messianic message is going to fade fast, to be replaced with fear and loathing (at least among those who value independence).

And while all this is happening, Palin will be standing, very quietly, in the wings.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard the radio talk show host Glenn Beck give a warning: When you swing a pendulum too far in one direction, it swings back equally far in the other direction. The next four years will bring unimaginable changes. Will we be attacked by terrorists? Will we enter a recession so deep it might be called a depression? Will our pensions and 401(k)s be taken over by the government? Will firearms be taxed out of existence? How far must the pendulum swing to the left before people realize our country can be saved only by embracing the ideals of our Founding Fathers?

After Clinton’s left-hand swing, in good faith we elected a Republican president and a Republican majority into the House and Senate in 2000. Faced with the eager and expectant faces of America, the Republicans promptly abandoned their promises and led us down a primrose path to socialism. Now they profess surprise that people became so disgusted with them that they voted for “change” in 2008. It’s so much more convenient for the entrenched politicians to blame an unknown like Palin for losing the election instead of facing their own shortcoming, namely the betrayal of the ideals for which they supposedly stood (like smaller government and a balanced budget – remember?). They defied our wishes, fettered us with debt, trod on our liberties, and then they wonder why we don’t trust them any more.

Let’s face it, those who are in power hate Sarah. They can’t handle the idea of a conservative politician – and a woman at that – who embodies the hopes and ideals of ordinary people. They hate it when someone actually wants to return power and personal liberties to the American citizens.

My suspicion is it’s because the media and the politicians are scared of ordinary people. (That’s why we’re accused of “bitterly” clinging to our guns and religion.) They’re panicked by the thought of this country going back to traditional values because it means we wouldn’t need as much government. They’re alarmed at the idea of families staying together, of women not having babies out of wedlock (and thus becoming lifelong slaves to welfare), of businesses succeeding or failing purely on their own merit (remember free-market economics?), of freedom of the press (and the Internet and radio), of parents taking back their children’s education, and other dire and horrible things.

In other words, they’re afraid to lose power. Politicians are scared to death of freedom and independence. They can’t handle it, and they don’t understand why anyone could want it. It’s so much easier to be enslaved.

Slaves, you see, don’t have to think for themselves. They don’t have to work and succeed on their own merit. They don’t even have to raise their own kids. Wow. How can anyone not prefer this over independence?

But Palin, and those like her, encourage personal liberty. Oooh, radical concept.

You want to see hero-worship? Look what happened whenever Gov. Palin held a rally. I don’t care what the media reported – the truth is, ordinary people adore Sarah. Not just because of who she is, but because of what she represents. Therefore, she’s a threat to Republicans as well as Democrats. That’s why she’s attacked from both sides by cowards who stay anonymous. They’ve got to discredit her, as fast and as furiously as possible, lest she return and kick their hineys into oblivion when their socialistic plans inevitably lead to disaster.

Sarah is a threat. Eliminate her. Those like her are a threat. They must be stopped.

So here’s my message to Gov. Palin: go home. Take care of Alaska. Grow and study and learn. Then come back in 2012 and bring with you the conservative values so cherished by our Founding Fathers. Many of us who refuse to knuckle under to socialism believe the things you espouse are our only hope for the future. You, and those like you, represent us. You’re the best chance of getting this country back on track.

Please come back.

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