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Investigate, remember JFK assassination

President Kennedy and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy arrive at Love Field in Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963

Editor’s note: Andrea Shea King, veteran reporter and radio host, this month began an exclusive weekly column focusing on hot Internet sites to watch.

Forty-five years later, the controversy continues: Was John F. Kennedy felled by a lone assassin’s bullet? Was he the victim of a conspiracy involving the KGB, or the military, or the CIA, or organized crime or Cuban exiles? Or was it a combination?

Where were you the day JFK was shot? Now you can be in the alleged sniper’s perch in the former Texas School Book Depository in Dallas. EarthCam’s Dealey Plaza Cam provides an exclusive, real-time view from the sixth floor corner window, which is now in a glass enclosed display designed to recreate the so-called sniper’s perch.

“Inaccessible to museum visitors, Earthcam provides Internet users the only live view available in the world from this vantage point.”

An introduction to the various landmarks visible from the Dealey Plaza Cam is available on the viewer’s guide page.

Originally published in Europe in 1968, author James Hepburn (a pseudonym) presents a fascinating view of why and how John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Hepburn advances the theory that the assassination was not accomplished by a lone gunman, but instead was a conspiracy involving the military, Cuban exile groups and organized crime, all of whom had deep resentment resulting from the Bay of Pigs fiasco and had reason to fear some of JFK’s proposed reforms.

The author conducted research among KGB and Interpol agents and French petroleum espionage specialists and relied on a rare, unmodified print of the famed Zapruder film. Chapters discuss the assassination itself, with analyses of the Secret Service’s failures and the ambiguous roles played by the CIA and FBI during this tumultuous era.

Who killed Dorothy Kilgallen?

During her 35-year career as a gossip columnist, crime reporter and panelist on the weekly TV game show “What’s My Line”? Dorothy Kilgallen was a fearless journalist who broke major stories and was the only reporter to interview Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby. Her biggest scoop yet – investigating President Kennedy’s assassination and finding fault with the official story – became the last one she ever pursued. She died mysteriously in November 1965, after being threatened, but police never probed further.

The JFK Murder Solved website is an encyclopedia of information about the assassination and includes autopsy photos, articles, FBI transcripts and in-depth profiles of those who were connected to the event in Dallas Nov. 22, 1963.

Was George H.W. Bush part of it? Who is James File, and why was he given a voice stress test? Why are two known CIA assets trying to claim Files is a hoax? Did the Mob and the CIA play a part in the president’s murder? Jack Ruby, Oswald’s assassin clearly said it was a conspiracy. What about the CIA document they don’t want you to see?

Secret Service agents who were there to protect the president on that November day in Dallas go on the record. Several mutually corroborating stories shed new light on the conspiracy to murder the president and put an end to groundless, designed-to-mislead speculation that has plagued the assassination investigation from its inception and otherwise contributed to the obstruction of justice.

Ten former Secret Service agents testified in on-the-record interviews, and in no uncertain terms, that JFK never ordered the agents off the rear of his car, was not difficult to protect and was in fact extremely cooperative with the Secret Service. So why were they told to stand down as the limo left Love Field?

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy site contains a comprehensive list of hundreds of important figures in the case, important witnesses, investigators, researchers, journalists, possible conspirators, organizations, operations, reports on the assassination and related issues.

In the first of four parts of The Jim Garrison Story, Garrison’s professional career is chronicled from his first election as New Orleans district attorney to his involvement in the Kennedy assassination and the subsequent media revelation of his secret investigation.

Garrison rebuts the lone assassin theory and the “infamous Warren Commission” report. James Files admits being one of the shooters and describes the actual moment the triggers were pulled.

Former FBI agent Zack Shelton talks about Files’ involvement in JFK’s assassination.

Americans did not get to see the Zapruder film until March of 1975, when Geraldo Rivera showed it to the public for the first time on his TV show nearly 12 years after the fact. Prior to 1975, the American public saw “still” frames from the film in magazines, books and newspapers.

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