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Obama's birthplace heats up Liddy show

Joseph Farah

ARLINGTON, Va. – The issue of President-elect Barack Obama’s birthplace, and thus eligibility for the presidency,  was the hot topic today when WND founder Joseph Farah filled in for nationally syndicated radio talk-show host G. Gordon Liddy.

Farah also is filling in for Liddy Tuesday and Wednesday, coming across the air live from the Radio America studios here from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Eastern Time on your local stations, XM and free streaming/podcasting at RadioAmerica.org.

Farah, himself a frequent guest on the Liddy show, hosted his own nationally syndicated talk show for three years.

Farah is the founder, editor and chief executive officer of WND, the world’s leading independent Internet news source.

It was the second hour of the program, available on podcasting, during which the show dissected the problem of the uncertainty of Obama’s birthplace and the potential impact on the nation.

Farah also writes a daily column for WND and a weekly newspaper column for Creators Syndicate. He
is also the founder and co-publisher of WND Books, a publishing venture
that has produced several New York Times best-sellers in the last five

Joseph Farah made a name for himself with traditional daily
newspapers prior to his founding of WorldNetDaily – running the
Sacramento Union, directing the news operation of the Los Angeles
Herald Examiner for six years and serving as editor in chief of a group
of California dailies and weeklies. He has written for such
publications as the Wall Street Journal, Jerusalem Post, National
Review, TV Guide, Reason, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, San
Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun-Times and a host of other national,
international and regional publications.

His most recent project was “None of the Above: Why 2008 is the Year to Cast the Ultimate Protest Cote,” which argues GOP candidate Sen. John McCain and Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama both would be bad for the nation.

“The only interests our major party candidates care about
are their own – and those of their buddies and financial contributors (of both the foreign and
domestic variety). Make no mistake: promoting either into the presidency means a further
loss of our freedoms,” the book warned.

Farah suggests Americans “act like citizens instead of subjects by reclaiming the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.”

He also says the government’s “pervasive, insidious, destructive, and illegal
encroachment into citizens’ lives” need to be rejected, and Americans must “reject a political system that’s rotten to the core.”

Farah’s earlier books include “Stop The Presses: The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution” and “Taking America Back,” first published in 2003 and again in paperback in 2005.

has written or collaborated on more than a dozen others, including Rush
Limbaugh’s 1994 No. 1 best-seller “See, I Told You So.”

Farah’s many journalism awards include honors for reporting to
writing headlines to honesty and courage in journalism to editing and
newspaper design.

Farah speaks all over the world on topics ranging from the Middle East to the media to domestic policy issues.

The G. Gordon Liddy Show is heard from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. EDT
on nearly 200 stations nationwide, as well as on XM satellite radio. Some stations carry the show in the evenings as a
delayed broadcast; contact your local station for more details.
Additionally, you may stream the program over the Internet at Radio America.org.

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