Back in the day when I was a big-shot daily newspaper editor – a member of the media elite – almost no one ever questioned my ethics, my standards, my choice of stories, my ability to tell those stories or my right to tell those stories.

Yet, for the last 11 years since I began practicing my trade on the Internet, it seems like everyone wants to take a shot at me and my news agency – the first independent news agency on the Net and the largest.

I’ve chronicled some of these attacks recently – from big colleagues to medium-size venues to little, itsy-bitsy ones.

Here’s the latest one. It comes from a source even more insignificant yet – the Lake Stevens Journal of Lake Stevens, Wash.

It appears to be written by someone by the name of Kevin Hulten, though, I must say, these aging eyes combined with very poor graphics and resolution on said website can’t be sure. In any event, this blog questions WND reporting about an attack by homosexual whackjobs at a Christian church in Lansing, Mich., earlier this month.

The Lake Stevens Journal, which, by the way, unlike WND, provides no place on its website where readers can evaluate the relative experience of its top management and staff, lectures “there is a line – however blurry – between the reputable sources of information and those that incite panic, fear and hate through less than credible ‘journalistic’ tactics.”

The intended effect here is for the reader to leave questioning anything that appears in WND but trusting all that appears in the vaunted Lake Stevens Journal.

Yet, the guy throwing stones in this case is living in a house made of the very thinnest glass I’ve ever seen.

While WND based its Nov. 11 story, written by a 30-year veteran of the Associated Press, by the way, on five separate sources and has yet to be questioned by anyone with any knowledge of the report, the Lake Stevens Journal critique is based on one thing – not liking WND.

The critique says:

  • WND’s report complained “that no news outlets have covered the purported attack.” It did not. It quoted a Catholic League source complaining of news media failure to report a different attack on a different church.

  • “I mean seriously, when a bust of Chuck Norris’ head is displayed in the masthead of the paper like the fifth addition to Mount Rushmore, you really have to wonder.” This guy better be careful. One word from me and Chuck Norris will be hunting him down like a dog in Lake Stevens.
  • A WND story about the Communist Party USA mapping out a strategy for Barack Obama’s White House is “not sourced.” Actually, it does – with names, hotlinks, the works. See for yourself.
  • There’s a link on that story “to buy a poster of President-elect Obama directly from WorldNetDaily with the words ‘The Audacity of Deceit’ stamped over the president-elect’s face.” Again, this simpleton misunderstands all he sees. The “poster” he refers to is actually the best-selling book, published by WND.

Maybe you ask, “Farah, why do you worry about these little pissants. There are bigger fish to fry.”

I asked myself that same question before writing this column. And here is how I answered: “I still care about truth – and fighting for it everywhere, even in little towns like Lake Stevens, Wash., where residents have to put up with people like Kevin Hulten, who pontificates on things he doesn’t understand in between blogging about high school football games.”

This woefully inept and disingenuous article was forwarded to me by a resident of Lake Stevens. She was upset about what this clown wrote and wanted him corrected. I don’t have the time to do that with everyone who attacks me or WND, but I try my best to set the record straight.

And I’d like to suggest that every resident of Lake Stevens who reads WND let that pathetic journalistic institution have a piece of your mind. Send this column in with your cancellation notice – if they dare charge you for that rag.

Then continue reading WND with the knowledge you are reading reports from one of the most experienced news crews in the world – on the Internet or anywhere else, including Lake Stevens, Wash.

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