As I think back over the last 18 months leading up to the election, replaying many of the statements and promises and debates, a glaring omission becomes obvious.

Did either of the last two candidates ever say anything at all about one of the most alarming and unprecedented catastrophes ever to happen to our country? The absolutely criminal mass invasion of the United States of America by some 14 million illegal aliens?


There were numerous references to the demolition of the World Trade Center and the air attack on the Pentagon that left over 3,000 Americans dead. Both Obama and McCain swore to defend our country against a similar attack and to do whatever it takes to keep us safe from Islamic terrorists. They talked about Iraq and Afghanistan, military defense and homeland security, Guantanamo Bay and the alleged torture of suspected extremists; they talked about the necessity to build international cooperation; and of course they spent a lot of time talking about our collapsing economy and the brigands in Congress and executive suites who had conspired to bankrupt homeowners and all us taxpayers.

But I can’t remember any but a couple of passing references to the need for “immigration reform,” and then a quick changing of the subject, as if the topic were scalding hot. And it is. But since both candidates desperately wanted the escalating Hispanic vote, neither wanted to venture any kind of suggestion about what should be done – about 14 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS, literal invaders quietly settling in to permanent residency.

And for sure, neither wanted to mention the astounding crime rate among these invaders, mainly in major population areas, or how our law enforcement agencies are increasingly ignoring this unprecedented trespassing of our homeland and trashing of our laws. The attitude seemed to be, “Hey, they’re here already! They just want what we Americans have, and why not? A lot of them are good people and they’re working at low paying jobs. Besides, what are we gonna do – round ’em up and send ’em back, all 12 or 14 million people? How would ya do that?”

And so, the topic was literally swept under the rug, as if it was of little or no importance. Absolutely appalling! Inexcusable!

But somebody is doing something about it. A group called FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. This is a group of citizens who have mobilized to lobby the government and educate the confused and distracted citizenry. Though too few of us know it, FAIR has stood resolutely and worked tirelessly for nearly 30 years to achieve U.S. immigration policies that will serve America’s national interests. Like our Founding Fathers, this group of patriots is committed to:

  • Securing all our borders against incursions by illegal aliens, drug runners, terrorists and all others who pose a threat to our nation.
  • Stopping the encouragement of illegal immigration through promises of amnesty – aiming to sharply reduce the huge tax burden on citizens and legal residents who play by the rules.
  • Fully enforcing all existing laws prohibiting the hiring of illegal workers.
  • Using effective, accurate identification systems, such as E-Verify, to help law-abiding employers confirm the legal working status of employees and job applicants.
  • Reducing depletion of America’s natural resources by lowering the unsustainably high rate of illegal invasion. (It’s not “immigration,” which implies something done legally. It’s outright invasion, just as surely as if 14 million Middle Easterners poured off a nightly flotilla of boats on our East Coast and swarmed into the countryside.)

FAIR has repeatedly pointed out that this invasion crisis can be linked to just about every other problem in our country! It’s absolutely riddled our national security with deadly results (remember 9/11?) and added megabillions to our tax debt; it’s made our borders virtually meaningless and our law and justice systems apparently irrelevant.

But, knowing that 80 percent of Americans oppose illegal “immigration,” and with the support of many of us, FAIR has helped defeat numerous attempts to grant wholesale amnesty to millions of scofflaws and vigorously promoted the E-Verify program to help employers obey the law. If it weren’t for the tireless work of FAIR’s governmental relations staff, its broad media outreach efforts, and its instigation of thousands of calls, emails, and faxes that flowed into Congress, the E-Verify program might have been eliminated entirely, as “immigration” proponents wanted.

And on our behalf, FAIR (instead of our elected representatives) fought a “back door amnesty” attached to House legislation originally intended to deal only with the rights of U.S. military personnel. If this bill (HR 6020) had been signed into law with amendments added by open border advocates – it would have granted deportation waivers to illegal aliens who commit violent crimes in our country!

What madness has infected our government? It seems painfully obvious that our future depends on citizen activism: people like you and me who see the way things are going, see how our liberties and securities are being subverted and decide we must join together and defend them! I don’t mean in strident, in-your-face and in-the-streets disturbance; I don’t mean in underhanded backroom plotting or violent demonstrations like the current anti-traditional marriage outrages. I mean activism through the constitutionally provided methods that can overcome congressional sellouts: organizing grass-roots movements that can’t be ignored and rescuing our republic from anarchy.

We need, in vast numbers, to support FAIR in a fight to ensure strong, secure borders, a sustainable balance between people and resources, a fair labor market, good quality education for legitimate citizens and strong incentives to raise labor productivity and wages. It’s a fight for respect for human rights through law, not mushy, misguided empathy.

We have become more and more “a nation divided against itself,” torn by issues of morality, religion, economic irresponsibility, humanity, security, and now whether our laws should be observed or scrapped.

And, as Lincoln warned, such a nation cannot stand.

Please do this right now. Go, as I have, to, and enlist as a citizen activist.


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