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Will Kim Jong-Il get 'Shocked by the Bible'?

It appears demand for the real truth of the Bible goes far beyond the English language.

It has just been announced that “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told” will be translated into Korean.

According to Nashville-based publisher Thomas Nelson, a licensing agreement has been reached with Cana Books to translate and publish the book by WND Executive News Editor Joe Kovacs within the next 18 months.

“This is great news in the worldwide effort to shatter the fables and spread Bible truth,” said Kovacs. “I’m truly humbled by the positive reaction to ‘Shocked by the Bible’ not only here in the United States, but in other countries as well.”

“I hope someone can get the Korean version into the hands of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, or at least one of his minions pretending to be him.”

Bible is completely true, but you may never have heard the spectacular,
ultimate destiny God has in store for you. It’s far more glorious than
just floating around on clouds in heaven! Find out what you’ve never
been told,
direct from your very own Bible!

Matt Baugher, vice president and publisher of Thomas Nelson, said: “People around the world are challenged and uplifted daily by the stirring words in the Bible. So many, though, are operating on half-truths and misinformation. Joe Kovacs’ book clears up many of these misconceptions in an accessible and fun presentation. We’re thrilled to see it take hold in the influential Korean marketplace.”

Simply put, “Shocked by the Bible” is an educational juggernaut that not only reveals what the Bible
really says, but also what it doesn’t say. It’s a massive news report
exposing common misconceptions and answering questions that have
endured for centuries.

Just a few of the issues explored include:

The book even delves into “lighter” facts that just never seem to be brought up in church.

Did you know …

yourself, your friends and relatives with an autographed copy of “Shocked by the
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Kovacs was recently a guest on the Rusty
Humphries radio show to shatter misconceptions
many people have about the

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the play button below:

Hear Joe Kovacs talk with
Rusty Humphries about “Shocked by the Bible”

“Shocked by the
has become an instant smash, twice hitting No. 1 in three
Bible-related categories on Amazon.com with readers giving it
high praise

“Shocked by
the Bible” skyrocketed to three No.1 spots on Amazon.com before and after its
official release

It’s still
ranked near the top of Amazon’s Most Wished For List for all Bible-related
. It also soared to No. 1 on the WND
Best-Seller list

“If you think you really know the Bible, better think again,” warns Fox News’
Bill O’Reilly. “Your parents never told you this stuff was in the
Bible,” adds radio talker and author Melanie Morgan. WND founder Joseph Farah
simply says, “‘Shocked by the Bible’ is nothing short of genius.”

Kovacs has written countless reports in his 25-year news career. Many have
focused on biblical issues such as chariot wheels
said to be found in the Red Sea
, searches for Noah’s Ark and
the Ark of the
, and controversies over Christmas and
Easter holidays
as well as the Saturday-vs.-Sunday

He has received many awards for news excellence from the
Associated Press and United Press International. He’s run television, radio and
print newsrooms in the U.S., as well as Budapest, Hungary. Kovacs is also
regarded as one of the premier creative headline writers in the news business

Find out what
you’ve been missing. Get “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts
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To interview Joe Kovacs, author of “Shocked by the Bible,” please contact him.