You’ve never seen a clock like this one. World Clock 2008 tells more than time. You’ll see how many people are dying, being born, the world population, the world’s illness, national debt, debt per person, environment, energy, crimes, food production, number of spam e-mails, autos being built, and many more fascinating real time facts about the world in which we live.

Then there are the 100 blogs that will make you smarter.

Reading blogs doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility or a waste of time. Your blog addiction can serve you well with these blogs that are sure to make you smarter. These blogs bring you information about politics, technology, art, literature, an international perspective on life and culture, and much more. Become a regular reader of these blogs and who knows how intelligent you will be in the end!

This website is how you can learn to keep an eye on those watchers in the sky.

When you wish upon a star, it might be a satellite. If you’ve ever star-gazed shortly after sunset or before sunrise, you have probably noticed one or two “stars” sailing gracefully across the sky. These are Earth-orbiting satellites, visible due to the reflection of the sun’s light off their surfaces toward the observer. Hundreds of satellites are visible to the unaided eye; thousands are visible using binoculars and telescopes. Observing satellites has many enthusiasts around the world. This website provides information on all facets of visual satellite observation.

And if you’re worried about Barack Obama’s plans for the Internet, here’s an update.

This explains how Barack Obama will try to continue to converse with the 13 million people who signed up to receive his campaign e-mail alerts, and reach out to those who weren’t his Twitter followers or Facebook friends. Under privacy laws, the president-elect won’t be able to take the e-mail list with him into the White House, though he can e-mail everyone on it to ask if they want to join a new e-mail list.

And that raises the question: “Are you twittering yet?”

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. During last week’s terrorist attack in Mumbai, twitterers were “tweeting” all over the world with real time updates.

As heavily armed militants rampaged through Mumbai, bloggers, citizen journalists and users of Twitter provided riveting, if sometimes erroneous, accounts of the bloodshed in India’s largest city.

With more than six million members worldwide, Twitter members were providing eyewitness accounts and updates. Many Twitter users also sent pleas for blood donors to make their way to specific hospitals in Mumbai where doctors were faced with low stocks and rising casualties.

Need information on historic images? Here you can search millions of historic photos.

Photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today, are available. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google.

This is the ultimate look at how much of our tax dollars the government is spending and who’s on the receiving end. Chart government fiscal irresponsibility with Ross Perot, the father of fiscal charts, and David Walker, former U.S. comptroller General; David Boren and Newt Gingrich. is a website with a blog, but the emphasis of this website is placed on the blog.

Simple explanations about The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (more commonly known as the Wall Street Bailout Plan), which was passed under the presumption that $700 billion was needed to buy up troubled assets such as mortgage backed securities (which is why the program was originally called TARP – for Troubled Asset Relief Program). The program was supposed to work by taking the troubled assets off the market and off bank balance sheets thereby enabling the banks to regain their footing and not be forced to sell these assets at fire sale prices. The plan was supposed to stop the downward price spiral of mortgage related securities, free up capital for loans, slow foreclosures and stabilize the financial markets. That was the plan anyway…

The United States faces large and growing budget deficits mostly due to an aging population and rising health-care costs. Unless we solve the problems caused by entitlement spending, there will be little money left to do anything else in the future. Over time, our standard of living, our national security, our standing in the world and the value of our currency could all be threatened. The sooner we confront these issues, the better. This presentation explains the problems.

Follow the money! is your nonpartisan guide to money’s influence on U.S. elections and public policy. Whether you’re a voter, journalist, activist, student or interested citizen, use this free site to shine light on your government.

We interrupt this program.

This week we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor 67 years ago this Sunday, Dec. 7th. Remember the moment with this CBS broadcast of the announcement that stunned the world.

Listen to NBC’s newsroom bulletin.

The day after, on Dec. 8t FDR addressed the nation, calling the attack “a day that will live in infamy.”

Then there’s a list of U.S. losses.

Navy, 2,001 killed, 710 wounded.

Marines, 109 killed, 69 wounded.

Army, 231 killed, 364 wounded.

Civilian, 54 killed, 35 wounded.

It’s a Scam!

Does somebody want to transfer millions of dollars into your account?

Does someone want you pay you to cash cheques and send them the money?

Met a new friend/penpal on a friendship/dating site who’s asking you for money?

Has a dying person contacted you wanting your help to give his money to charity?

Have you sold an item and are asked to accept a payment larger than the item amount?

Check it out.

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