A “gay” Dutch group has plans to hijack a traditionally Christian holiday by hosting its own “Pink Christmas” festival – complete with church services and a homosexual Nativity featuring two Josephs and two Marys.

Amsterdam’s ProGay will put on a 10-day festival with parties, an open-air market, homosexual movies and ice skating. The group has even scheduled church services for Christmas day, the Associated Press reports.

Frank van Dalen, ProGay chairman, told reporters his group is hosting the event to boost “choices for homosexual men and women” during Christmas week.

“Right now, there’s not much to do,” he said.

The celebration will promote homosexuality and religion, van Dalen said.

However, an organization named Christians for Truth claims the “gay” manger scene “mocks the core concepts of evangelism.”

“By putting Joseph and Mary down as homosexuals, a cracked human fantasy is being tacked on to history from the Bible,” the group said in a statement.

The live Nativity is scheduled to begin Dec. 21. Van Dalen told the AP that Christians should not take offense to the festival, because it is only intended to be a “wink” at heterosexual assumptions and promote Amsterdam as a “gay” capital.

“Christmas is about more than religion, it’s also about love and families, not to mention shopping,” he said. “Two men or two women can form a family too these days, even one with a child.”

The Netherlands legalized same-sex unions in 2001, and “gays” are allowed to adopt. The Dutch Cabinet participated in an Amsterdam “gay” pride boat parade Aug. 2. Van Dalen attended the event and said he was very pleased with “Christian participation.” Several masses were held on that day.

“So far Orthodox Christians believed in two separate worlds, as if homosexuality is not part of their own closed society,” van Dalen said. “This boat proves them wrong.”


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