The recent Proposition 8 victory in California seems to be tempered somewhat by a growing realization that on a national level there is confusion in the evangelical church regarding how we respond to the demand for legal recognition, moral legitimacy and even religious blessing of “sexual diversity.” As the online “soul mate” matching service (founded by an evangelical Christian!) has now bowed before the altar of Baal in caving in to the threats of the “trysexual” movement (they will try anything, as it is now far beyond “gay rights”) and as a leader of the formerly conservative National Association of Evangelicals has kissed the ring by expressing support for civil unions – does the NAE or some of these “influential pastors” featured in major evangelical publications speak for us?

When Dr. Richard Cizik, the person shaping the public policy positions for and representing the NAE to government admits to having voted in the Virginia primary for the most anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-free market candidate ever to run for president, the answer is unequivocally NO.

When he declares that in regards to recognizing same-sex civil unions, “I’m shifting, I’ll admit. … I believe in civil unions,” the answer is absolutely NOT.

When global warming and humanistic environmentalism have usurped the sanctity of life, the definition and protection of traditional marriage and family and the concept of limited, constitutionally-restrained government as the primary agenda items of the NAE, the answer is emphatically NO.

Regarding younger evangelicals, according to Dr. Cizik, “52 percent favor either same sex marriage or civil unions,” and “…health care is just as important … as is abortion. …” He asserted they have a “decidedly different view of government’s role” – which translates into bigger government doing more things for people. Cizik has embraced – hook, line and sinker – the agenda of the environmentalist left: that man-caused global warming is an indisputable scientific fact and in the movement’s anti-free market “solutions” proposed in the Evangelical Climate Initiative.

Are we producing evangelical socialists, or is this just a “kinder, gentler” evangelical agenda?

One of the premier organizations that has assessed the worldview of Christian youth for over 20 years is the Nehemiah Institute, founded by Dan Smithwick and based in Minneapolis. The PEERS worldview test administered to Christian students in government, private and home schools to assess beliefs in politics, economics, education, religion and social issues has revealed a deeply disturbing trend that explains much of where we are.

With a top biblical worldview score possible of 100 points, Mr. Smithwick reports the latest assessment of Christian youth reveals that, “Assuming the same rate of decline in test scores of the past seven years, students from ‘traditional Christian schools’ would score on average at -9.9 in the year 2016. Youth from Christian homes and attending public schools would score -24.5 in the same year. These results, remarkably close to the view seen in 2001, would mean that the students had intentionally rejected the basic tenets of Biblical Theism in favor of basic tenets of Humanism/Socialism.” (emphasis added) By the way, take a few minutes, go to the NI website and take the PEERS test to see how you do!

Every assessment of the worldview of evangelicals under the age of 25 paints a grim picture of how poorly most Christian parents, pastors and church leadership are doing at transferring the historic tenets of the faith to our children. As a result, the emotionally compelling arguments promoting activist government involved with the smallest minutiae of our lives has captured many young men and women who profess Christianity while following the path of Dr. Cizik and voting for Barack Obama.

We DO have responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation, we DO have a duty to wisely use the natural resources He put here, and we have a clear mandate to defend the defenseless, care for the widow and orphan and feed the hungry (the church, not the government!) in Jesus’ name, not for the sake of good works and easing our conscience. National defense, the economy, business and commerce, education – they are all “fair game” for evangelicals and where God has given us stewardship duties. There is a catch, however.

When Jesus declared to his followers (John 8:31-32) that, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free,” there was a clear “if” as there is in so much of Scripture attached to God’s blessings and provision. Our applied principles and actions in addressing the above list of crucial issues must square with the truth of His word, or the consequences will be catastrophic.

It is time for a new, grass-roots voice rising up city by city from coast to coast, resonating from teams of biblically grounded pastors and church leaders who will transcend political parties and top-down organizations adrift on the sea of moral relativism to speak to every vital issue of the day in their proper order of priority – beginning with the sanctity of life, marriage and family.

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