The reasons for the epidemic of women teachers preying upon male students are easy to understand. If one follows the news, most of the women are between 30 and 45. This is Generation X, wherein radical feminism hit its nadir. Being of this generation, I watched as women were subjected to propaganda, starting in junior high (today’s middle school) that shaped their thinking. The ideas were implanted that women should think only of themselves, women all deserved “the best,” men were to be used, and that men had only two main uses – entertainment and to take responsibility for women’s actions (cleaning up the mess, getting the women out of jail, birth control, child support, etc.). Women were encouraged to go out and “find themselves,” which was why the U.S. went from five STDs in 1982 to 38 in 1990 and 48 in 2000.

Because they were told they “deserved the best,” in high school and college in the late 1980s and during the 1990s, about 20 percent of the young men were sleeping with about 80 percent of the girls. Unfortunately, those 20 percent were generally the “bad” guys – the three “G’s”: jerks, jocks and gigolos – and this motif is still all too common among GenX women even today. Interestingly enough, that ratio – 4 to 1 – was also the average ratio of men to women of Oregon’s college-age Christian groups during the 1990s.

To compound matters, GenX was the first generation that saw that first true schism between the awarding of scholarships and financial aid between genders and the deliberate targeting of female preference for hiring in federal and state services. The Forest Service is 85 percent female in California and 75 percent nationwide, for example. This has been purely as a result of reverse discrimination over 20 years. For every female applicant for a given position, there have been several more qualified male applicants on average. I’ve experienced this myself more than 1,100 times. (In recent years, this has led to a lot of white males giving up on the sciences and engineering – if you can’t get a job, what’s the point in going through all the work and piling up the college debt?)

It’s human nature. This combination of the selfish “me only” ideology of radical feminism and the preferences in hiring and college admission/tuition/etc. has created a sort of “can’t touch me” sort of feeling among some women of GenX. As well, the easy path many have had – as compared to those who worked very hard to get what they had – makes them less grateful for their positions.

GenX women are much more cavalier about sex than other age and gender groups, as well, having been largely insulated from the effects of their actions, both by societal convention, unfair and arbitrary laws and government programs. Couple that with irresponsibility. In no other age group in the United States does one find this love of evil.

Love of evil? What else does one call the inability to have fun without doing something wrong? Or extreme hardness of heart? I was 25 the first time I overheard two women of my age speaking with concern for another person. (To give an idea of how good my hearing is, I detect and track small wildlife by sound.) I don’t know any other group that acts like this.

Is it any real surprise that some of these women, having been given special treatment for years, being almost divorced from the consequences of their actions from high school on, having no real moral or ethical standards, decide to prey on their students?

Thank God for GenY’s women. They are working overtime to make up for the sins of GenX’s women and both sexes of the baby boomers. Hope the country survives long enough for them to fix things.

Bill Hunt

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