Ever since Barack Obama won the election in November, there has been discussion about whether the president-elect would recite his middle name, Hussein, when he was sworn into office. The real question, however, should be this: How many times will Obama compare himself to Abraham Lincoln? Will he scrap “Hussein” in favor of the middle name “Lincoln” just for the swearing in? Will he refer to his wife as “Mary Todd Obama”? Will he say he was born in a log hale in Hawaii? Questions abound.

We all have our personal heroes in history – I for one have always been partial to Ronald Reagan, Thomas Paine, Chuck Yeager and Wayne Fontes (any coach who once took the Detroit Lions to the NFC championship game has the ability to walk on water in my book) – but Obama and the media’s relentless Lincoln-mania has crossed that line between tribute and identity theft. If Abe was alive today, he’d be starring in a LifeLock commercial.

What seems like a decade ago, Obama announced his presidential campaign in front of the Old State House in Springfield, Ill. Obama will even be sworn in next month using Abraham Lincoln’s Bible.

It’s like watching a baseball player who thinks he’s got a better chance to win a batting title if he uses Ted Williams’ bat.

I’ve never seen any real connection between Abe Lincoln and Barack Obama as far as “leadership” goes. If anything, Obama has more in common with the Copperheads who were against the Civil War and wanted a negotiated peace with the Confederacy than he has in common with Lincoln. At some point after the Civil War, the Copperheads changed their name to “Jimmy Carter.”

So what exactly are the Obama and Lincoln comparisons? Obama and Lincoln are both from Illinois? Too vague. Jack Benny and Quincy Jones also came from Illinois – does that make them Lincolnesque?

Lincoln and Obama both rose politically in Chicago. Not a bad deal when Lincoln was climbing the political ladder in the Windy City, but for the past several decades, bragging that you ascended through the ranks in the Chicago political machine is like saying you were the best swimmer at the city sewer.

They’re both lawyers? Sure, but that would mean that nearly half of Congress is Lincolnesque. Stop laughing – although Nancy Pelosi is only two facelifts away from dredging up a particular resemblance to the 16th president.

Where are the real comparisons? Unless Abraham Lincoln had a wacky, anti-American pastor and once announced his candidacy for Illinois Congress in the home of William Quantrill and later denied knowing anything about him, I’m not seeing any serious similarities.

And did you know the words “hope” and “change” were not uttered one single time in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address?

Just about the only valid comparisons I can find between Lincoln and Obama is that Abraham Lincoln didn’t have a middle name, and for a long time the Obama campaign and the media pretended Obama didn’t have one either. Also, both Lincoln and Obama facilitated emancipation. We all know about Lincoln’s role in ending slavery – either as a primary objective or a byproduct of the end result of the Civil War, but Obama also played a role in emancipating many, many people. Because of Obama’s pro-abortion stance, he has helped ensure that thousands and thousands of children are never enslaved. Joe Biden’s vague resemblance to Lincoln’s second VP, Andrew Johnson, doesn’t hurt either.

Given Obama and the media’s insistence upon incessant Abraham Lincoln comparisons, I’m half expecting Obama to show up to his inauguration sporting a beard, wearing a stove pipe hat and delivering the soon to be famous “Leftysburg Address”:

“Four community organizers and seven friends thrown under the bus ago, George Soros brought forth to these 58 states, a socialist nation, conceived in secret, and dedicated to the proposition that all the wealth should be spread around and nobody should be punished with a baby.”

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