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The breakup of the U.S.

In 1990, few were predicting the breakup of the Soviet Union.

But it came – only a year later.

With 2009 set to begin in a few days, there is someone predicting the breakup of the United States – a year from now.

His name is Igor Panarin, a former KGB analyst and the dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s school for foreign diplomats – in other words, a serious fellow.

For him, it’s nothing new. He’s been making the same prediction for the last 10 years. But, until recently, no one took him very seriously. And then came the economic calamity that has rocked Americans and the rest of the world, too. Now, Panarin’s predictions of an end of the United States, due to economic and moral collapse, is being taken seriously by many.

Panarin blames out-of-control mass immigration, economic decline and moral degradation for what he believes could be a civil war as early as next fall and a total collapse of the dollar. By June or July of 2010, he sees the U.S. breaking into six pieces.

Now, I’m not buying into Panarin’s entire prediction. But I do think there’s something to it.

I’ve been talking about this possibility more and more in recent years. I don’t see how this house of cards we’re building can possibly withstand the next significant windstorm. The political ties no longer bind. Only inertia and the threat of force hold us together.

The economic crisis is clearly visible to all – but all the wrong buttons are being pushed. In fact, the same people who got us into this mess are digging a deeper hole for all of us to climb out of.

The other two crises he points to have scarcely even been recognized by many people – out-of-control immigration and moral rot.

Nothing has been done to seal our borders, even though the American people have been screaming for it for years. The tidal wave of illegal immigration may have slowed only because of economic conditions. Nevertheless, we are a much less united country as a result of the influx of tens of millions of people welcomed here by a federal government gone mad.

As for the moral degradation, if you don’t know what I mean, you’re part of the problem. America’s founders made it abundantly clear when they ratified the Constitution that it was a document that would only work for the governance of a religious people – folks who understood right from wrong and would, for the most part, govern themselves. Does anyone really believe America is still a country like that?

I don’t.

But it doesn’t mean I’m giving up on America.

Just the opposite.

I am fighting to preserve the kind of America our founders gave us.

It may be that we can only rediscover that kind of liberty with the breakup of the United States.

I’m open to that possibility.

I recognize, all too clearly, I have little in common with most Californians, for instance. That’s what drove me out of that state after 20 years. But where can a freedom-minded constitutionalist go these days? There are no new worlds to discover. There are increasingly fewer states dominated by freedom-loving people.

That’s why I have postulated over the possibility of a secessionist movement of like-minded people. I’m not talking necessarily about the grouping of states, like the Confederacy of old. Frankly, I don’t see that happening. But what if there were one place – one state – that attracted people from all over the United States to come live in freedom?

Would you go?

I might.

If Panarin’s theory proves even partially right, we may wish we started such a movement much earlier.


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