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Planned Parenthood pressured to give answers

Lila Rose

A team of volunteers at Live Action Films who earlier released videos of two Planned Parenthood offices advising how to conceal a reported sexual assault on a child now wants the abortion company to answer a few questions, such as how many abortions does it perform and how many reports does it submit to Child Protective Services.

In an open letter and a video released today, the pro-life organization said the public should know what is going on at the company that gets millions of federal taxpayer dollars annually.

“This is an organization that consistently engages in deceptive practices and lawbreaking,” said Lila Rose, the 20-year-old president of the group. “And these practices have very real consequences on real people.”

“We’ve just got to keep pressing this issue,” she said, and soon there will be questions from authorities and lawmakers.

Among the questions that need to be answered, she said, are:

The issue of the number of abortions is raised in a newly released video which documents a discrepancy of more than 10,000 in the number of abortions PP formally reports and the number a staff member confirmed.

The video, which cites formal reports of about 4,000 abortions and a staff member’s confirmation that only one of the three businesses in the state does about 90 abortions a week, also is embedded here:

Rose also wondered about the reports to Child Protective Services, based on Live Action Films’ video documentation of employees in two clinics advising how a juvenile should not report an apparent case of statutory rape.

Rose called for Planned Parenthood of Indiana to release publicly the number of reports to Child Protective Services in conjunction with the number of minors provided STD testing, abortion counseling, pregnancy testing and birth control.

Comparing the numbers, Rose said, would give the public a more accurate picture of the extent to which the business reports – or fails to report – adult-child sexual relationships.

Her request came following a public statement from Betty Cockrum, the president of the Indiana business, who defended its operations in light of the revelations in the undercover videos.

“Planned Parenthood of Indiana may either opt for transparency in
service to the rule of law, or choose to continue in the same secrecy that
has already caused deep public distrust and summoned a state investigation,” Rose said.

She questioned the abortion company’s dedication to reforming its operations given Live Action’s discovery that Prevent Child Abuse Indiana, the group chosen by Planned Parenthood for internal reforms, has close ties with Planned Parenthood.

According to Live Action, Prevent Child
Abuse of Indiana’s lead “prevention specialist,” Carol Pool, worked for
Planned Parenthood of Indiana for 13 years, giving sex education workshops.

“For Planned Parenthood to enlist the help of its friends and former
employees at PCAI in the name of reform is like a predator saying he will
babysit his victim,” said Rose.

She also said Planned Parenthood’s statement regarding staff re-training is just deceptive.

“All employees in the videos expressed knowledge of their
legal obligation to report the rape,” said Rose. “This is not a matter of
knowing the laws. When Planned Parenthood doesn’t like a law, they break

The earlier videos, which also are available on YouTube, document statements from Bloomington and Indianapolis staff members who told a girl they believed to be 13 how to not report a 31-year-old boyfriend.

Rose noted other cases of actual adult-child sexual
relationships that have been covered up in Arizona, California, Ohio, and
Washington D.C.

“These incidents, and our undercover work, reveal a disturbing pattern of
lawlessness,” Rose explained. “Planned Parenthood needs to release all
applicable statistical data on the number of minors it treats in sexual
abuse situations and the number of these cases it reports to law

Rose, who already was honored for her pro-life work this year, also today was named the 2008 Person of the Year by Operation Rescue.

“Lila Rose exemplifies the new wave of pro-life activism and best reflects
Operation Rescue’s own efforts to expose illegal conduct in our nation’s
abortion mills,” Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said.

“Her work has
helped raise public awareness of the seedy underbelly of the abortion
industry and has helped to launch criminal investigations that we pray will
eventually hold out-of- control abortionists accountable for their criminal
acts,” he said.