What if an imposter from another country ran for the presidency and won?

What if the media blocked any news of his birthplace and citizenship?

What if the media censorship even blocked paid advertising that tried to expose it?

What if no one had the courage to challenge or verify it?

What if he was inaugurated illegally?

What if the military had to answer to a commander in chief who was illegitimate?

What if every law he signed was invalid?

What if every appointment he made was improper?

What if it all happened on our watch?

Here’s another “what if”: What if the U.S. Supreme Court did their job to uphold the Constitution and actually verified that the Constitution’s requirements for the office of president had, in fact, been met?

There are two more opportunities for the Court to do that: Friday, Jan. 9, and Friday, Jan. 16, the U.S. Supreme Court will be looking at the Philip J. Berg challenges that address whether Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, meets the natural born citizenship requirement for the office of president – something that has never been verified.

If everything is legitimate and all these lawsuits are off base, there’s a really easy way to make them all go away. Reagan taught it. Republicans have forgotten it. Trust but verify.

Write to the Supreme Court and ask them to do what they took an oath to do: make sure the Constitution is being upheld. This may be the most important case the justices have ever considered. This may be the most important letter you could ever send them. I recommend sending it overnight, which you can do via WorldNetDaily’s online store.

U.S. Supreme Court

1 First Street N.E
Washington, D.C. 20543

Supreme Court Justices:
Chief Justice John Roberts
Associate Justices:
Samuel A. Alito
Clarence Thomas
Antonin Scalia
Anthony M. Kennedy
David H. Souter
John Paul Stevens
Stephen G. Breyer
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

FedEx the Supreme Court now to be sure justices hear from you.

Join over 200,000 others by signing a petition calling on all controlling legal authorities to take seriously the matter of where and when and to whom Obama was born and whether he qualifies as a “natural-born American citizen,” according to Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

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