Here are some fresh ideas for constitutionally minded Republicans:

  1. Every Republican congressman should vote NO on Obama’s spending “stimulus.” This will be solely financed by the printing of money out of thin air, ballooning national debt and budget deficits, and further devalue the dollar.

  2. Republican congressmen should insist on immediate tax cuts on payroll and corporate taxes. There are no “tax cuts” in Obama’s spending plan. These are just rebate checks and “credits,” which increase government spending. Remember when Bush tried to do the same? It did nothing to stimulate the economy, except add more debt.
  3. Republicans should present a precise plan to balance the federal budget in 2010. We can’t just say “cut spending”; we need to present real numbers to show this could be achieved. Remember how a Republican Congress balanced the budget in the late ’90s?
  4. Cut overseas military spending in half by June 2010. Why on earth are we in 130 countries and 700 bases? The empire is bankrupting us. Cut the number of bases in half, and cut the number of nations our troops are currently located in half, by June 2010. These troops can be utilized to beef up our presence against the growing number of Russian warships in the Caribbean waters.
  5. Vote NO on any troop buildup in Afghanistan. We can’t afford it. Terrorists can be tactically targeted with a much smaller and much more focused special ops operation, and these operations should be formally approved by Congress as letters of marque and reprisal or full declarations of war.
  6. Bring legislation to remove every single troop, combat and non-combat, from Iraq by January 2011. They’ve got trillions of dollars of oil revenues. Time for them to step up to the plate and defend themselves. Let’s get out and devote this savings to paying off debt and taking care of the tens of thousands of men and women who have been maimed for life while fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  7. Bring legislation to streamline the budgets of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and DHS 50 percent by June 2010. It’s about quality, not quantity. Then, demand that these organizations present robust, constitutionally based plans to the full Congress in order to address border security, port security and potential terrorist threats on our own soil.
  8. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 by June 2010 and return monetary policy to Congress as stipulated under the Constitution. Look in the Constitution – you won’t find the Federal Reserve anywhere. Since Congress invented this unelected banking cartel in 1913, the dollar has been immensely devalued, and at least six severe stock market corrections have taken place under the Fed’s supervision. Failure should not be rewarded, especially when it’s unconstitutional.

Ryan Jaroncyk

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