President Barack Obama

The newest forum at WND has been launched to allow you to ask President Barack Obama the important questions reporters at news conferences never seem to ask.

And the first question submitted concerns an issue that has been the subject of multiple lawsuits and U.S. Supreme Court conferences over recent weeks.

“Now, that you have take[n] the oath of president of the United States, where you promise to uphold the laws of the Constitution, why won’t you release your Birth Certificate, not a certificate of live birth, your passport or your records from the schools and colleges you attended, to prove once and for all that you are a natural born citizen and qualified to have taken the oath?”

The question was submitted only hours before Obama took the oath of office from Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to become the 44th president of the United States.

The forum is the only place on the Internet where readers can submit questions that could be posed in daily White House news briefings.

“Ever have a great question to ask the president or his spokesmen?” the forum asks. “Ever been frustrated watching White House press conferences because reporters don’t ask the right questions? Now’s your chance to participate. Post your tough questions for the White House at the MR. PRESIDENT! forum where they will be reviewed by WND editors and our White House correspondent.

“Who knows? Your question may be asked at the next White House press briefing,” it says.

Other questions already hitting the forum include queries about his economic plan, intentions for Social Security and his hobbies.

Check it out now, along with other WND forums, including:

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