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Obama's Big Porno deputy

In its big January 2004 issue, a Playboy headline proclaimed, “We Won!” and drew their flag as displacing our Stars and Stripes over the U.S. Capitol. What did Playboy “win” in Washington, D.C.? In this “We Won” issue, publisher Hugh Hefner outlined how he operated “behind the scenes” to bring U.S. laws in line with Playboy morality. In fact, David Ogden, a Playboy legal hit man with allegiance to the bunny flag may soon be the United States deputy attorney general.

Who are President Obama’s closet handlers? Why did he tap the publicly venal Ogden to head his U.S. Justice Department transition team? Ogden must hire lawyers with fealty to the Big Porno conglomerate, symbolized by this image in which Playboy vaporized the American flag and all it stands for.

Harvard lawyer President O would never expect justice for blacks from lawyers whose income derived from wealthy Klansmen – nor could he expect justice for women and children from lawyers whose income is derived from wealthy pornographers. No Ogden team lawyer has ever defended a single woman, man or child alleging victimization by Big Porno.

The DOJ mission is to insure fair and impartial administration of justice. Expect no New York Times/mainstream media charges of Obama cronyism.

Post the sexual revolution, official collusion “behind the scenes” always protected Big Porno. Now, as pornography spreads like a virus, commandeering our homes, schools, entertainment and public spaces, women and children can expect the same justice from lawyers who serve Big Porno that blacks got from lawyers who served Jim Crow.

WorldNetDaily’s Bob Unruh reported that lawyer Ogden supports state-paid abortion for minors absent parental notification as well as pornography use in our public libraries. Coincidentally, both actions serve Big Porno profiteers.

Brian Burch, president of Fidelis, a pro-family group, reports that Ogden views traditional definitions of marriage as a “social prejudice” and “will use social science to reach whatever result he wants.”

The “behind the scenes” history of sociopolitical science fully confirms the Fidelis report. Scientific studies that factually demonstrate pornography harms, like mine (“Images of Children, Crime & Violence in Playboy, Penthouse & Hustler,” 1989, U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Grant No. 84-JN-AX-K007), will face a public relations blitzkrieg by special-interest legislators and mass media (see: “Defaming the DoJ Study on Playboy, etc., Child Pornography”).

Burch charges Ogden with being “a hired gun from Playboy and the ACLU.” He points to Ogden as pushing the Kinsey-based pro-sodomy Lawrence vs. Texas, as working for “Playboy and Penthouse” and fronting videos like “Bubblegum Cuties,” “Sweet Young Things,” “Young Girls” and “Fresh and Young.”

Ogden “successfully defended the right of pornographers to produce material with underage children,” and sued the federal government to get a tax-funded Braille Playboy edition, says Burch.

Well, if Ogden’s Playboy has “won,” then its social contagions deserve the credit for winning pandemic adult and child trafficking/pornography, child sexual abuse and sexual addictions, with arrests (still at this time) of judges, university presidents, legislators, mental health professionals, male and female teachers, clergy, state attorneys general, Nobel prize winners, police, FBI agents and, now, children who molest children.

For over 50 years, Playboy conditioned men and boys globally to laugh at and thus to embibe the trafficking, exhibiting of nude, “enhanced” women and girls, alongside images of illicit drug use, sexual harsssment in the workplace, bestiality, sexual sadism, murder, child and adult rape, gang rape, incest and suchlike. Since its earliest issues, Playboy has led the Western world in legitimizing sex trafficking, often known in its broader application as prostitution.

As a Las Vegas casino owner, Playboy pandered “The Best Call Girl In Vegas,” (July 2007), glorifying a prostitution website in its article. Playboy’s captive, basically impotent (that is, “without power”) consumers were given the woman’s rates and the sex acts promised. Naturally Playboy hides the tragic rates of incest and other early trauma that has commonly driven young girls and boys into the sexual slavery that defines all prostitution.

Playboy says its advertised prostitute costs $400 per hour for locals and up to $2,400 overnight. The dangerous, humiliating and dysfunctional activity list provided is still too raw for publication. Playboy calls these inhumane violations “Sex Ed, The Language of Lovemaking.” Ogden’s client pimps for violent sex and warns their consumers they are fools not to use her “next time.”

The prostitution site included the sponsored copyright Playboy bunny logo, noting the woman as professionally indebted to Ogden’s Playboy client.

The prostitution website states, “I was recently featured in Playboy magazine … very in depth and well written.” “Discretion is assured,” the ad says. So, hubby can bring home a Las Vegas STD or just new violent sex demands – how tasteful and high-minded.

Ogden’s Playboy tells its adolescent and adult consumers that a Playboy-advertised prostitute does anything “for a price,” urging young girls to join this fun “profession.” “Overnight” a “home-based business” can earn “better than most shrinks’ rates,” confides Playboy. Escalating rates of male loneliness/impotence revived by lucrative Viagra-type drugs suggest why grammar school and “tween” girls are targeted globally by Playboy products.

Since December 1954, the Playboy social contagion has fostered the demand side for women and children trafficked into sexual slavery. David Ogden cannot bite the pornography hands that have fed him, nor can his handpicked team. Has the Playboy flag really displaced the Stars and Stripes over Washington?

Maybe. Maybe not quite yet. But one thing is sure. Hefner and his “We Won!” contacts are vigorously at work “behind the scenes,” negotiating allegiances to Big Pornography’s flag, to see it flying over the USA.