People like Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Bill Press don’t even remotely consider the imposition of a “Fairness Doctrine” as a loss of freedoms or beginnings of totalitarianism or any other losses of free speech or expression. Since their values and ideologies get the hell knocked out of them daily and before a huge national audience, they are looking for a “protector” to restore the loss of self-esteem and get some “respect.” Their insecurity is seeking some mechanism to shut up this huge conservative “bully.” They just “feel” (especially liberal women) that the marketplace of verbal expression against their values and ideologies should be regulated and subsidized … “balanced.”

After all, they got elected. Liberals occupy high office; they run the country. Some are public figures, heady and high-minded. They think highly of themselves, figuring the least we can do is value their value system – and if we don’t want to do it willingly, they will devise and contrive some way to force us by imposing it.

Emotions trump freedom of speech.

Like the homosexual revolution, it was not sufficient that Lawrence v. Texas decriminalized sodomy, that they can do it in the park without fear of criminal charges. They “emotionally” need national acceptance of their perverted sexual preference so as not to “feel” that ongoing guilt that sin bears on the conscience. They need a majority support group – and there’s a much better relief of conscience if this support comes from Christian churches. So they and their supporters confront us with the imposition of the right to marry and the use of the privileged word “marriage,” along with all its benefits.

Anything short of respecting and accepting flawed values and sin is, of course, branded “un-American.”

Angelo Roncari


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