Rep. Tom Price, R-GA., spent some time in front of a camera with the seven-inch high stack of stimulus, making the point that members of Congress didn’t have time to read The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 before voting for it. We’ve got a link that details the Democrat dream list – this is what you’re paying for, folks. Get out your checkbooks. And while you’re reaching for it, grab one for your kids and grandkids too. They’ll be paying for this abomination for decades to come.

What’s going on

According to California Attorney Orly Taitz, there are now some 42 lawsuits seeking proof that Barack Obama is qualified for the presidency as a natural born citizen of the United States.

Attorney Mario Apuzzo of New Jersey is suing the U.S. Congress, former Vice President Dick Cheney and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for failing to certify that Barack Obama is qualified under Article 2, Sec. 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

The suit is being brought on behalf of lead plaintiff Charles Kerchner and others.
Both Apuzzo and Kerchner appeared on my radio program last week to explain the case.

The story is getting scant attention in the mainstream media, but WorldNetDaily is leading the way, with a recent article by Bob Unruh.

Case updates can be tracked at Apuzzo’s site.

Twitter beats the mainstream media

Fox News correspondent and host Julie Banderas was using Twitter last Thursday night when a commuter jet crashed in a Buffalo, N.Y., suburb. Using the Twitter micro-blog she snagged an interview with an eyewitness who also was Twittering about the catastrophe. The pair exchanged telephone numbers, she called him and got him on the air with her Fox News colleagues, providing a real time eyewitness account ahead of other major media outlets. Twitter is taking over as one of the most effective instant communication tools on the Internet.

Sometimes Twitter can work too well providing real time information that could be sensitive. Representative Pete Hoekstra unwittingly triggered a maelstrom of criticism last weekend when he Twittered about his trip to Iraq. “Just landed in Baghdad,” the Michigan Republican typed on his BlackBerry, alerting the nearly 3,000 people who have signed up to follow him on the social-networking service of the trip that he and five others, including House minority leader John Boehner, had embarked on.

Twitter is becoming so popular, more and more senators, representatives and staffers on Capitol Hill are messaging or tweeting instant updates. Tweet your Congressman!

Plane crash tragedy

Last Thursday’s tragic crash of a commuter jet in a Buffalo, N.Y., suburb last week brought us to a website that lists famous people who have died in plane crashes over the past century. Some of the famous include Audie Murphy, the most decorated WW II hero and movie actor; Francis Gary Powers, U-2 pilot; blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn; former Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jim Hardin; Pennsylvania Sen. John Heinz III, whose wife is now married to Massachusetts senator John Kerry; and John F. Kennedy, Jr., son of the 35th president.

Follow the money

Do you ever wonder where that paper money in your pocket has been, or where it will go next? This is the place to find out.

At Wheres George, all you need to do is enter the denomination, series, and serial number of any U.S. dollar bill, and your current USA Zip or Canadian Post Code.

You can always enter bills without registering, but you will need to have an account to be able to come back later and follow the bills you have entered.

A reader at Michelle Malkin’s site writes that he intends to start practicing civil disobedience. “In the case of Treasury Secretary Geithner, I am going to have a rubber stamp made that says ‘Tax Cheat!’ in block letters.” Every time he sees a piece of paper currency with Geithner’s signature on it, the reader says he will stamp over Geithner’s name with a red stamp. “Sure, this action is just as futile as my vote, but eventually maybe others will reach the same conclusion that I have: it is far past time to make our voices heard.”

High-tech contacts

How would you like to watch your favorite television program no matter where you are? Slide on a pair of contact lenses, and you’re in business. These miniature TV sets would be powered by your body heat, according to Ian Pearson, a so-called “futurologist” who has advised leading companies including BT on new technologies.

Pearson told the Daily Mail he believed that channels could be changed by voice command or a wave of the hand. The technology is getting smaller and developers are working on how to make it more immersible. They’re trying to bring it closer to the eye. The technology is about 10 years away.

Getting busy

Join the 500 million others House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says are out of a job every month. Job Search.Com is being flooded with traffic. Score Inc. says the number of visitors grew 51 percent to 18.8 million visitors as millions of Americans have found themselves seeking new job opportunities. The final months of the year were some of the most heavily trafficked months of 2008.

Keeping promises

Here’s where Obama’s campaign promises are tracked. How’s he doing so far? How many promises has he kept, compromised or broken?

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