A homosexual group with possible ties to pedophilia may be too scandalous for the United Nations – but not for the Obama administration.

The U.N.’s Non-Governmental Organization Committee, or NGO, rejected an application of the Brazilian Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transvestite and Transexual Association, or ABGLT, because its founder is under investigation for promoting pedophilia on his blog, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute reports.

“The UK pushed hard for the group to be accepted,” C-FAM President Austin Ruse told the Catholic News Agency. “The Obama administration also voted in favor of granting official status to the group.”

The NGO Committee is a subcommittee of the U.N. Economic and Social Council, which determines whether to grant official status for NGOs. Accredited groups may attend U.N. meetings, present reports and even host events at U.N. locations.

The committee formally rejected ABGLT’s accreditation after a vote of eight to six. The Russian Federation, China, Guinea, Pakistan, Qatar, Sudan, Burundi and Egypt voted to reject the application, while the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Colombia, Peru and Romania voted to recommend the homosexual group for acceptance.

Egypt’s committee member urged the group not to make a hurried decision about any organization where there was the “slightest shadow of doubt” about its connection to pedophilia, C-FAM reported. He said AGBLT hadn’t provided enough evidence to show its members were not involved in the “deplorable act.”

According to its website, some of AGBLT’s main work fronts include monitoring implementation of the federal government’s Brazil without homophobia program and “advocacy for the approval of legislation and ensuring government budgets for affirmative policies for GLBT.”

A UK representative said the committee made the wrong decision when it rejected the group’s application, and has proven itself incapable of performing duties for which it was tasked.

The UK has always promoted participation of homosexual groups in the U.N., she said.

“Simply put, it is their right,” she told C-FAM.

A representative of the Czech Republic, speaking on behalf of the European Union, agreed.

“Withholding its status, the NGO Committee acted in a discriminatory manner against the NGO, which has every right to participate in the work of the U.N.,” she said.

A Brazilian observer said the committee acted as a “censorship chamber” and failed to evaluate the homosexual group’s merits.

According to a Feb. 7 report in Brazil’s O Globo newspaper, the Brazilian government has determined that 99 percent of its own citizens who are older than 16 suffer from “homophobia.”


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