Have you had trouble finding and buying American-made products? Then buy what I buy! In a new section of my website I’ve simply titled “Shopping with Roger,” I’ll be demonstrating just how easy it actually is to buy American products.

No product category is left out. In the listing below you’ll see both big-ticket and small-ticket items. I’ve even listed the store I bought the items from in case you want to check up on the authenticity of the information. But I’ll give you fair warning you that if you want to go on a “gotcha” expedition, all you’re likely to discover is that you’re wasting your time.

Wondering why I’ve listed so many small ticket items? Many times when we analyze where products we’re buying are made, we tend to only look at the big ticket items, the ones that cost us more. But if you take a look at my first “Shopping With Roger” posting, you’ll see something else entirely. All the items I bought, when I was out-and-about on a Saturday in Orlando, were small-ticket items. All were made in USA.

And almost all were bought at a Family Dollar or Dollar General store, proving that buying American does not have to cost you more money!

When I was out shopping with my wife on Sunday, I started to expand the list to things I did not buy but noticed were made in USA, and I also began listing the price – proving once again that buying American does not have to be expensive.

I’ve always said that we really do buy American more than we think we do, and often we do without even thinking about it. Many of the things we buy in the supermarket are made in USA – and this is where we spend much of our time and possibly more of our money.

All products listed are “Made in USA” unless otherwise noted (such as “Assembled in USA” etc.)

Be sure to revisit HowToBuyAmerican.com often as I’ll be updating the “Shopping with Roger” section of the website periodically. Buying American at America’s retail stores is the best way to provide incentives for those same stores to continue to stock American-made goods and gives us the freedom we deserve to support American workers.


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