I was in a grocery store this week when I rounded an aisle and witnessed an interesting sight.

A boy who looked to be about 9 years old was grabbing a box of cereal off the shelf while his mother said, “No, Johnny. We’re not getting that.” Unfazed, the boy dropped the cereal in the cart. The mother took the box and replaced it on the shelf. The boy promptly let out a howl of protest, snatched the cereal box, and put it back in the cart. The mother shrugged and moved on.

My path crisscrossed with this woman several times as I did my shopping. I saw two or three other incidences of this brat defying his mother and his ineffectual mother letting him. At one point his tantrums knocked a shelf full of items to the floor. While the mother was distracted replacing everything, the boy gleefully grabbed some candy and threw it in the cart.

Welcome to the current administration. They’re acting just like kids in a candy store.

We’re now witnessing big and powerful brats in Washington doing exactly, precisely the same thing as the brat in the grocery store, and who is to stop them? Certainly not We the Sheeple, who lost control of our wayward children years ago and are now reduced to trotting in their dust, ineffectually pleading: “Barack, please don’t. … Nancy, stop that. …”

Worse yet are the useful idiots who are crying, “Hey! Throw some of that candy toward ME!!” These are the truly despicable members of society. Yet they are the group most courted and cultivated by the federal government. After all, creating a servant class totally dependent on big government means these people will never vote the socialists out of office. Wonderful.

In the grocery store, I couldn’t decide who made me angrier – the brat, or the mother. With our government, I can’t decide who makes me angrier – the politicians, or the sheeple. I was certainly angry during the Bush administration when a Republican Congress was nearly as greedy in funding their particular pet pork projects. But within the first month of the Obama administration, I’m witnessing such blatant violations of our constitutional liberties, such breathtakingly greedy candy grabbing, that it leaves me sputtering in disbelief.

This administration has been let loose in the candy store with a checkbook, displaying the same idiocy the dumb blonde did when she said she couldn’t be overdrawn in her account because she still had checks left. Only in this case, the dumb blonde gets to keep writing checks because she took over the bank and the check printing company, as well as many of the businesses that will be forced to accept her bogus checks. And don’t forget the operative word here: DUMB.

The latest candy grab is a proposed $634 billion in tax hikes and “cuts to government health spending” (yeah right) in order to implement health care reform. This, of course, is nothing but socialized medicine, one of the dearest of liberal wishes. It doesn’t matter than nations like Canada and England have plowed the socialism path ahead of us and demonstrated that a national health care system is a lousy idea – the liberals want it anyway.

Undeterred by facts, Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag tells us, “We’re going to try to avoid the mistakes of the past and not lay down a fully detailed plan, rather work constructively with Congress.” Apparently Mr. Orszag is unfamiliar with Einstein’s definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Nonetheless, “I see it [health care reform] as a vision for America – as a blueprint for our future,” Obama said in his remarks before Congress on Tuesday. Well, no argument there. I can see that future too, and it ain’t pretty.

As an aside, every time Obama opens his mouth to speak, the stock market plunges. Coincidence?

The liberals have abandoned all pretense of doing things that are in the best interests of American citizens. Certainly they have foresworn all pretenses to obey and uphold the Constitution. Yet it took a high school kid to state the obvious: “The spending bill [Obama] just passed is just progressing the Democratic agenda rather than addressing the economic issues in the country.” Duh.

Yep, kids in a candy store. Grab grab grab. Makes me want to spank them … oops, except I can’t do that. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child forbids it. Thanks, Nancy.

No wonder we have such out of control brats in our government. They never got spanked. The question is, is it too late to do so now?

Maybe not. The liberals are moving too fast, and this just might be a good thing. After all, we know what happens when you throw the frog into the boiling water rather than allowing it to slowly simmer: the frog jumps back out again. If the liberals turn up the heat too fast with such bull-bleep as the Fairness Doctrine, U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, socialized health care, the Consumer Product Safety “Improvement” Act, banning “assault” rifles (get this – on the lame excuse it may reduce violence in Mexico!), eliminating welfare reform, as well as subsidizing every economically unfeasible green project under the sun … well, eventually we’re going to jump out of the pot or get boiled to death.

In fact, the boiling water is turning into a nice brew of tea, and there are tea parties springing up all over America. I don’t recall ever hearing about tea parties before this administration, and yet a mere month after Obama takes office they’re everywhere.

Maybe America is learning that discipline can make a difference with spoiled brats. Maybe we’re realizing that a good spanking is in order for the out-of-control socialists in Washington. Maybe we all need to pour ourselves a nice cup of tea.

I take mine with cream and sugar. As long as it’s hot.


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