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Does America deserve a Christian burial?

Things are looking grim for America right now.

The patient is in critical condition and chief physician Barack Obama and his medical team are prescribing and administering potentially lethal doses of the very drug (more debt) that sent her to the emergency room.

We’re in for some very rough times.

Is it time for last rites?

Is it time for us to start planning a decent Christian burial for this great country?

Or would that be out of the question for reasons of “separation of church and state”?

I don’t know about you, but as bad as things are – and, yes, they are going to get much worse – I’m not prepared to throw in the towel on the greatest experiment in liberty the world has ever known.

But if we are to revive this patient, there’s little time for procrastination.

The American people need to file the equivalent of a class-action malpractice suit against the hospital – and I mean now.

How do we do that?

There’s only one way, and I’m not at all sure we’re up to the task.

Tea parties around the nation are a great start. But they may not be enough. Most of them are being ignored by my negligent colleagues in the Big Media. So, I am convinced something larger must be organized – right inside the belly of the beast, in the heart of darkness, in Washington, D.C., the District of Criminals.

I don’t know how large such a protest rally would have to be to enjoin Dr. Obama and this team of Kevorkians and Mengeles.

I just know it will have to be very big.

Some organization or coalition of groups needs to take leadership now and give the American people a voice. They are waiting for marching orders.

Plan it, plan it right, and they will come.

Pull out all the stops. Organize around the issues – the plans that are sure to bankrupt this nation if they are carried out to completion, the attacks on our individual rights and personal freedoms, the war on morals and life itself.

It’s time to get out in the streets by the millions to save America. That should be our theme and rallying cry – “Save America.”

Are you willing to make the sacrifice to come to Washington?

I will join you there if you are.

The stakes are high.

If we lose this fight, your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren will never be the same. Future generations will know only servitude to the state. The American Dream will become a nightmare. The hope of freedom-loving people all over the world will be no more. The light of the nations will be snuffed.

Do I exaggerate? Is this mere hyperbole?

I don’t think so – not after what I have witnessed after only six weeks of “change.”

This may be our last chance.

Yes, there will be midterm elections in 2010. But that seems like a long way off when I see the very character of governance shifting daily from one based on the rule of law to one based on the rule of men.

Like Jeremiah, I warned that we were on the wrong course six years ago in my book “Taking America Back.” I offered a simple prescription for moral, political and spiritual renewal. That prescription is still unfulfilled, and the ever-growing state threatens to take over the health-care system, along with just about every other facet of life in our country.

But the good news is more people than ever are waking up and recognizing there really is a cure for what ails us.

Before it’s too late, I urge you to read it, embrace it and get involved.

Don’t wait around for leaders to tell you what to do. Become a leader. Take responsibility.

And get prepared for the biggest rally in the history of our nation’s capital.


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