Dr. Orly Taitz

Southern California attorney Orly Taitz has emerged as a constitutional heroine in the fight to establish – albeit late – whether Barack Obama is even legally eligible to serve as president of the United States.

On Friday, she took the bold step of presenting Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts with a WND petition of some 330,000 names calling on all controlling legal authorities to do just that.

And she did it before 800 people at the University of Idaho where he was speaking.

I have to tell you, this lady is rapidly becoming one of my heroes.

This question of eligibility is quite a story – or, should I say, non-story.

Anyone who dares mention it is now demeaned as a “birther.”

I’ll accept the title, if a “birther” is anyone who believes the Constitution really means what it plainly says about the president needing to be a “natural born citizen.”

The insults won’t stop me or WND from covering this issue as we have throughout the campaign and since the election. It’s not going away – not until we see the complete birth certificate instead of the certification of live birth, and get some answers to questions of obviously growing concern to millions of Americans.

Personally, I’m ready to support Orly Taitz for whatever office she seeks.

I’m ready to give her any support she needs to adjudicate this issue.

I wish we had more Americans like Orly Taitz, who is handling this case pro bono.

Orly Taitz was hardly a household name a few months ago, but it is quickly becoming one – and deservedly so.

It was just last week she confronted Associate Justice Antonin Scalia in Los Angeles. Then on Friday she approached Roberts. I say, “Go girl!” If this is what it takes to get this issue on the front burner, so be it. I’m gratified WND could play a small part in gathering the massive numbers of signatures (picture about 12 telephone books printed out) she offered the chief justice.

By the way, it’s not too late to be a part of that growing petition. There are more plans to use the names to get the attention of anyone in a position to enforce the Constitution – even if it has been overlooked to this point. If you haven’t yet signed it, what are you waiting for?

I don’t know what Barack Obama is hiding by not releasing his complete birth certificate. But it should be obvious to one and all that he is hiding something. Why continue to respond to a battery of lawsuits with legal maneuvering, fighting them by claiming bona fide U.S. citizens – who aren’t afraid to show their birth certificates – don’t have legal standing? Why not just release the document we all need to show to get a driver’s license, to travel abroad, to play Little League baseball or to enroll in public school?

Ask this question before a group of reporters in this country and you will be hissed, booed and ridiculed. We know, because we’ve been asking it for a long time – some say too long.

I’d like to know if you think WND is “overdoing it,” as even some credibility-starved talk radio hosts have suggested. I’d like to know if you think we should drop this story, as virtually every other news organization in the country has – if they ever covered it in the first place. I’d also like to know if you think there is a more important story to cover than whether the man currently transforming America into a socialist state is even constitutionally eligible to serve.

I’d also like to know if you think we should pursue it relentlessly and with total determination, which is exactly what I plan to do for as long as it takes to get answers.


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