Lila Rose

Planned Parenthood’s Phoenix, Ariz., facilities have been caught on video attempting to conceal statutory rape, according to a new undercover production from pro-life activist Lila Rose and her Live Action Films organization.

Rose and co-worker Jackie Stollar, both college students, posed as 15-year-olds to enter two Phoenix Planned Parenthood facilities, seeking information about abortions for a “pregnant” teen. They stated the “boyfriend” was 27, but neither office reported the apparent violation of Arizona’s statute requiring that law enforcement be notified immediately if an adult-child sexual relationship is known.

Stoller explained that the boyfriend is “a lot older than me,” generating the first staffer’s response that, “We don’t ask any questions.”

At the second clinic, an employee assured the girls that “everything is confidential,” even after hearing that the boyfriend is 27.

The video has been posted on YouTube and also is embedded here:

WND has reported on Live Action Films’ earlier release of videos revealing one Indiana Planned Parenthood business describing how to evade mandatory reporting laws and a counselor at another Indiana Planned Parenthood facilitate advising a “teen” how to hide a felony.

The videos resulted in discipline against Planned Parenthood employees and a state promise of investigations.

Officials with Live Action Films said their newest release shows how Phoenix Planned Parenthood employees “deliberately neglect their legal obligations to report statutory rape, and instead offer secret abortions.”

The videos are part of the “Mona Lisa Project,” a national undercover probe
of Planned Parenthood clinics conducted by Live Action, a student-led

The project documents clinic employees on video as they respond
to cases of statutory rape. In December, the Mona Lisa Project exposed
the Indiana cases and in February the video of Planned Parenthood operations in Tucson was released.

“By keeping information about rapists confidential, Planned Parenthood
enables sexual predators to continue violating young girls. If Arizona state
authorities investigate Planned Parenthood’s statutory rape reporting
practices, they can help bring an end to these crimes,” said Rose.

The organization reports that besides the firings and investigations that have resulted in Indiana, its videos also have prompted officials in Orange County, Calif., to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, saving taxpayers $292,000. 

In Orange County, undercover videos from Live Action Films were used by Mark Bucher, a local resident, to present information about the abortion business to the county board of supervisors, who then voted to cut the funding.

Bucher found an intricate money trail that showed Planned Parenthood, unbeknownst to county supervisors, got taxpayer money through the county Health Care Agency, even though it never was identified as a recipient.

His documentation of the funding plus the videos revealing Planned Parenthood’s practice of concealing alleged assaults convinced supervisors to stop the funding, Live Action Films said.

“The undercover footage from the Mona Lisa Project continues to reveal a disturbing pattern in which Planned Parenthood repeatedly covers up the sexual abuse of minors,” said Rose. “Planned Parenthood needs to be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for harming young girls. It is my hope that others like Mark will investigate Parenthood in their local communities, and put a stop to the public funding.”

The Phoenix video reveals Planned Parenthood staffer responding, “No, we don’t ask any questions,” after being told of the teen’s age, 15, and the boyfriend being much older.

At the second clinic, to which “teens” were referred for counseling, the staffer states: “You know everything is confidential.”

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