Catherine Moy

My “friends” at the San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday that Rep. Ellen Tauscher’s decision to accept an appointment to work under Hillary Clinton has opened the field wide open for all comers to replace the congresswoman. The problem with the Chronicle, which is going broke (or is broke), is that they didn’t do a complete job of reporting.

So, today, I’m going to give you some important news that was overlooked by the Chronicle. The Wall Street Journal had the news, but the Bay Area newspaper missed it.

And I’ll offer my analysis: The time is ripe for Republicans to take names and take the 10th Congressional District. The woman to do it is Fairfield City Councilwoman Catherine Moy, who happens to be my best friend.

Catherine has been asked to consider running for the seat, and the state GOP has already begun conversations with her. They would be smart to continue those talks and try to persuade her to leave her position serving the city of Fairfield and Travis Air Force Base.

The Chronicle first touted the Democrats, which is no surprise. I won’t give them the pleasure of reading their names in my column. Later, the newspaper finally got to the potential Republican candidates, who included my friend Tom Del Beccaro, the state Republican Party vice chairman, who lives in Lafayette.

Tom is a good strong candidate, and his name is well-known.

Is there such a thing as an ethical member of Congress? Find out in Sen. Tom Coburn’s “Breach of Trust: How Washington Turns Outsiders into Insiders”

But today, since the Bay Area media chose to ignore the brightest upcoming star in the Bay Area’s GOP, I want to tell you a bit about Catherine and why she can take on the entrenched lefties and anybody else in her way.

Catherine is a journalist by trade, but has led Move America Forward, the nation’s largest grass-roots pro-troop nonprofit, as it sends more care packages than ever in its history. As executive director, she worked with me to produce the first-time webathon, which raised more than $1.5 million for our troops in eight hours.

Yes, she knows how to raise funds.

She was born in Fairfield and raised in the area. Her grandparents were legal Hispanic immigrants who worked in the fields around Fairfield. The Perezes taught their family to love America and treat her with respect. Every one of their children, except for their daughter who drowned at a young age, served in the military. Catherine’s Uncle Tony gave his life in World War II.

She carries with her a deep commitment to our warriors, past and present, and she is a fierce advocate for Travis AFB, which is part of the city where she serves on the City Council.

I have been with Catherine on the streets when America haters are attacking our military. I clearly remember her in Berkeley, where the City Council called our Marines “uninvited intruders.” She marched into City Hall, got permits and then helped MAF lead a protest against the slander on our troops.

Catherine is Rahm Emanuel’s biggest nightmare. She is tough, compassionate, intelligent, beautiful and fearless. She can raise lots of cash, and she has lots of support throughout the 10th Congressional District.

She is not an entrenched politician of any sort. She would not have become involved as a city councilwoman except for the love she had for the town where she grew up. Last year, the young and energetic Councilman Matt Garcia was murdered by an alleged drug dealer. About three weeks later, another councilman killed himself.

Like Dianne Feinstein during the murder of her two colleagues, Catherine stepped up to help her city. She was appointed to the seat and is now a favorite in town. Unlike Feinstein, she has voted against every tax and given a hand up to the elderly and poor of Fairfield. It is not uncommon to find her at the Matt Garcia Youth Center hanging out with the kids.

President Obama’s chief of staff and the other left-wing hacks from Nancy Pelosi’s guard of jackbooted thugs will come at her. (Important safety tip to Nancy: The Air Force jets that you fly into Travis AFB are in Catherine’s district, so be nice.)

The liberals won’t like that she loves this country and believes our Constitution should be followed to the T. They won’t like that she knows how to shoot guns and has killed and eaten rattlesnakes. She rides horses, has a walnut ranch and spends her days meeting face-to-face with the residents she serves. She can handle the snake pit of liberal congresspunks who have spent our great-grandchildren’s money while killing our retirement funds.

The only thing holding Catherine back is she is committed to Fairfield and Travis AFB.

 “My heart is in Fairfield, where Travis is a big part of our city,” Catherine said. “I am honored that I am part of the discussion about the congressional seat. I am running to keep my seat helping the people of Fairfield on the City Council, but I can also contribute in Washington, D.C., to make sure our troops are supported, as well as the 10th District.”

I’m sure that we can convince Catherine to run. She can help Fairfield and Travis in a very big way in Congress. If she goes for it, she will spark the revolution that puts America before special interests that feed on the pork trough.

Catherine’s candidacy will be the beginning of the end for the destructive ways of Nancy Pelosi and the free-spending, anti-American left.

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